Tuesday, November 25


I'm sorry about the rude gesture in the photo; I would never do that to our Oma! I awoke this weekend to find this scratched into the sand on the beach below our hotel room. We were ten floors up, so this had to have been a huge drawing. Seeing as how I already had this post ready to put on the blog, I just had to take the photo, even with that gesture. Someone sure was mad at his Oma, wasn't he?

Recently, I received a book from TravelinOma as a prize won in a contest. The title was:

"No One Cares What You Had for Lunch
100 Ideas for Your Blog"

It was good, quick reading, and had some interesting links and good advice for how to write interesting blog posts . I was sure I could use some help, so I was eager to learn all the juicy tidbits!

The chapters have interesting, provocative titles, such as:

Count your blessings
Spill everything
Hang your head
Exit the comfort zone

In the chapter titled "Be Yourself", she quotes a blogger named Brittney Gilbert (http://brittney.typepad.com) who wrote:

"When I cook eggs I can't just toss the shell without first crushing it in my palm. I like the prickly sensation of the broken, jagged shell in my skin."

My comment to Brittney would be something along the lines of: "That would be an experience I would only need to have once." The important part is that her lines would evoke a comment from almost everyone who stopped to read them. Therein lies one of the secrets of good blogging.

If you happen to run across this book, I recommend it for blog fodder that you may not have thought of yet. And to TravelinOma, I say - THANKS again!


Carmi said...

My blogging mind is intrigued by the egg scenario. It speaks volumes about why we choose what we do to share online.

The Oma picture made me laugh out loud. Ideas are churning in advance of my next visit to a beach!

Farrago said...

Offensive gesture? It's a peace sign (two fingers). Whoever did that wuvs hims Oma!

Palm Springs Savant said...

love it!!!

Bear Naked said...

Thanks for the book review.
I was thinking abiut picking that one up at the book store myself.

Bear((( )))

Mar said...

That's funny! look at all those teeth :)

Diane Mandy said...

HOw bizarre! Now I want to know what happened!

tiff said...

I'm with Farrago - that there is a peace sign, though only truly well visible if the pic is enlarged.

Doesn't really go with the toothy gurn the cartoon fellow is sporting, but hey - maybe that's what the artist intended.

Peter said...

Ah the search for the holy Blog (Grail) I always knew there had to be better ways to blog than those I've been using.

Granny Annie said...

I did enlarge the image and see where it could be a peace symbol but if it is, someone else added the second finger later. That middle finger is pretty prominent. Oh my wouldn't you love to know "the rest of the story"? LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I agree that it looks like a peace sign, but the pointer finger is hard to make out. Still, it is hilarious!!

My word verification is "boryn". Trying to tell me sumthin'? ;-)

Grannymar said...

That book sounds interesting.

PI said...

Do you find - as I do tha - as far as posts are concerned it's either a famine or a feast - Some weeks I'm as arid as the Gobi Desert and some weeks the juices engulf me:)

Carolyn said...

I need that book :)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I actually had seen this book recomended elsewhere, a few weeks ago and got it through Amazon......
I don't think you need it Judy...lol! I think you do just fine as is----No-Crushing-of-Egg- Shells-in-the-Palm-Of One's Hand, not withstanding....lol!

Granny Annie said...

I had to come back and comment again Judy. While preparing some of my dishes for tomorrow I was compelled to smash egg shells in my palm. Don't try it. OUCH!

Also I forgot to mention you are a blog friend I am thankful for. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

rosemary said...

I am stuck on the thought of egg shells in my palm....ick.

poopie said...

Hmmm...maybe Sandy Claws will bring me that book ;)

Mojo said...

Funny, but when I hear (or see) the letters "oma", I usually think of something bad. Things ending in "oma" in my experience are usually bad. (Lymphoma, sarcoma, neuroma, granuloma, carcinoma... okay I'll stop.)

That syllable gets the sae reaction from me as Blucher did the horses in Young Frankenstein.

Oh, and Farrago's right. That's a peace sign. (Weren't you paying attention at Tiff-o-we'en??)

I kid... It's been a weird day.

Word Verification of the Day is
"Karcili". Which I believe is the fuzzy fringelike stuff that hangs from the top of a windshield. Right?

colleen said...

That's pretty bad to do to your grandma.

Oma means grandmother in German.