Saturday, September 20

That sweet Jamie Dawn made good on her promise to send postcards from her trip to California.
I got mine Monday.......THANKS, Jamie Dawn, it will make a very nice addition to my growing postcard collection!

I've added a photo I took in 2001. Mr. kenju wouldn't mind, but Miss kenju does not want her photo on the blog (mom rolls her eyes)- so I blocked it out. I really wish I had taken this photo without the people, since it would be a great picture! I love the color of the water and the angle we got by walking down almost under the bridge.

The day we were there, a lot of guys were surfing just to the right of this area, and there are very large rocks and boulders at the water's edge. I don't know how they kept from being crushed on the rocks - or eaten by the sharks we were told inhabit that water! Yikes!


We had to buy a new refrigerator today. Our 24 year-old one started peeing all over the floor; the plastic line carrying water to the ice maker has sprung a leak. Since we don't care to walk through great puddles every time we come into the kitchen (and the cats really hate it), it was imperative that we buy another. So we have signed our monetary life away to Se*rs for a stainless steel, bottom mount freezer.

In my garage, I have 2 old refrigerators with the freezers on the bottom and I loved every minute of having them. As tall as I am, using a refrigerator with everything at or near eye-level is wonderful. But for the past 24 years, we have had a side-by-side, with water and ice in the door. About 10 years ago, the water line broke and our repairman decided he wanted nothing to do with replacing it. He suggested that we buy a new one then, but I couldn't see replacing a perfectly good unit. It was fine, as long as no one attempted to get water from it. The ice line worked fine, until last week. That was also about the time that the old green Am*na in the garage, the one we have had since 1975, bit the dust. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every appliance lasted that long?! The other one was my parent's, a coppertone fridge (so you can imagine how old it is) and it is still working well.

You may be asking why I have 2 refrigerators in the garage. Good question. I use them in my business. They are perfect for storing candles and flowers, along with beverages and the occasional large soup pot when there was no room for it in the kitchen fridge. I also have a 2-door florist cooler, which is only turned on when I have wedding flowers to keep cool and hydrated. Mr. kenju is anxious to get rid of it, since running it results in the electric bill raising sky-high.

So when the delivery men come to install my new stainless unit on Monday, we will have them move the old one to the garage, and the other old green Am*na will be consigned to the appliance graveyard, wherever that may be. Rest in peace you old Am*na, you have served us well!


PI said...

Love Mr Kenju's hat. I have just had a recent photo developed which - unusually I like, but French granddaughter is on it(son is like your daughter) so I have cropped it. Unfortunately I don't know how to replace my blog one:)

Star said...

When we got our nw fridge last year, it replaced a 25 yar old Amana that had never neded one repair. The day it went, it just went poof! They don't make thm like that any more. Good luck wih th new fridge!

MRMacrum said...

Yes people always seem to spoil the good pictures. I know I spoil every one I attempt to be part of.

I almost wish I had not visited your blog today. We are in the middle of our own appliance Hell at the moment. The replacement fridge that had big shoes to fill has not lived up to the promises that big price tag insinuated. It is not frost free and should be, the doors do not seal worth a damn and a tad late, I hate the layout. The only thing it does well is it does it's poor job much quieter than our old one did. Anyway, your post brought up a painful reminder that I have to call Central Furnture one more time. Hopefully I will be in good spirits or happy drunk when they come. I would hate to be arrested for assault with a refrigerator.

colleen said...

Sounds like you've been collecting fridges along with postcards. What makes them rust? I hate that.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I'll send you a postcard from Italy if you want...let me know!

Bear Naked said...

Crossing my fingers AND my toes.
Our fridge is on its last legs here.
But since we just had to replace the brakes in hubby's car and need to replace the shingles on the roof of the house, I'm hoping the fridge will last through the winter.

Bear((( )))

Farrago said...

Do you ever find yourself getting emotional over the demise of an appliance or other product that has served you well?

Or is that just me?

Carolyn said...

I love bottom freezer fridges too. Beats bending down to the floor everytime you need a head of lettuce, lol!

rosemary said...

We have 2 fridges in the snorage room and the kitchen one. The water/ice on we had for about 6 years basically blew up....junk for a lot of $$$$ more water line ones. I love the freezer on the bottom too....much more convenient. Very dapper that mr. kenju. does he know you call him that?

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Beverly said...

I'm jealous of your postcard. I was hoping I had gotten my request in in time to get one!

I'm trying to remember how old my refrigerator is. I've been in my house for 32 years...started out with the contractor's model, and then Don got me a side by side from S*ars at some point. When I remodeled my kitchen, I didn't get a new fridge, but everything else I replaced. It is almond, while the other appliances are bisque. I should probably bite the bullet and get a new one before it bites the dust.

I understand having those in the garage for your flowers. I did just recently get rid of an upright freezer that I had had for a long time also. I found that being alone here, I absolutely did not need that freezer, although sometimes I wish it was still there.

JeanMac said...

Don't make appliances like they used to - salesman told me they are likely to reach 10 years, if that, now.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Being tall, like you, I also never "got" the top freezer type fridge. But, I do like the side by sides with the ice/water in the door because I am *always* drinking water, so I use it all day long.

Seamus said...

Amazing how the hardest thing to deal with regarding appliances is what to do with them when they've run their course.

Claude said...

I don't want to sound pessimistic, but these days, when something lasts for 5 years, I am grateful!. I'm afraid your new fridge might not last twenty and some years!
But good luck anyway :)

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so glad you added the postcard to your collection.
No wind surfing on the bay for me... No way!!
I bet it's fun though.