Sunday, September 21


I got these photos in an email today; scroll down for the text. I'm posting them as part of Carmi's Thematic Photographic - which is Nature!

Looking like giant leaves floating in
the sea thousands of Golden
Rays are
seen here gathering off the coast of
The spectacular scene was
captured as the magnificent creatures

made one of their biannual mass
migrations to more agreeable waters.

Gliding silently beneath the waves
they turned vast areas of blue
water to
gold off the northern tip of the Yucatan
Sandra Critelli, an amateur
photographer, stumbled across the

phenomenon while looking for whale

I have already forgotten who provided the link to this story, but I have to say THANKS! It was great!


Carmi said...

The top photo should be a poster. It's a monument to nature's incredible mastery of geometry. I had to look at it for a while before my brain clicked into gear.

You smacked it out of the park with this one, Judy: what an incredible subject for this week's theme! When we were at the Georgia Aquarium in January, we saw rays, but never could I have imagined something as spectacular as this!

Shelly said...

Oh my goodness...that would be absolutely amazing to see. thanks for sharing!

PI said...

I wonder how they would react if one jumped in?

Granny Annie said...

O my goodness, gracious, sakes alive, I've never seen such a thing. Thanks again Judy!

Farrago said...

I just started reading the linked story, about halfway through and laughing my ass off when the thought occurred to me: "This ain't just some blogger." Then he dropped his name in the story, and it was the first clue that I was reading a David Sedaris story.

Thanks, Judy, for passing it along!

bobbie said...

I did not know that rays migrated. That was something!

I really love David Sedaris. thanks for this link.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What a wild sight. Thanks for posting the pics.

Seamus said...

After viewing the feeding of the stingrays at Sea World with the grands I have a whole new affection for the graceful beasties.

Wendy said...

They do look like green leaves, don't they? I also didn't know they migrated. Great pic!

Cravey said...

That is so cool, so glad you posted this!!


Shephard said...

The little cow rays and bat rays are some of my favorite creatures. They're so graceful. :)