Saturday, September 13

More NACE Photos ~ 2

This was my employer's entry, in the category "That's What Little Boys are Made Of....". He called his "Boys and Their Toys". A tree; complete with tree house, rope ladder and swing, snails, puppy dogs, a toy train that really moved.....and gummy worms "planted" in terra cotta pots filled with "Oreo dirt". Very creative and right on target for the category!

The entry below is titled "Pa-Puru", and was in the Elements: Earth category. I have no idea where that title comes from, but I suspect it could be Malaysian. It consisted of branches, into which were woven stems of moth orchids (phaelenopsis). The branches were held aloft on very tall glass cylinders, and there were other cylinders of varying heights, holding candles. The table and the chairs were Lucite plastic. The whole set-up was placed on a raised platform which had been painted with branches and colors to evoke a night scene. I was told that it was a 10' square when he attempted to deliver it, and it wouldn't fit through the door. He had to saw it in half to get it inside the event facility.

I am still trying to figure out how this fits into the Earth category - since these orchids mostly grow in trees and nothing else used in the table top is what you could term "earthy". It was striking in appearance, though, and a beautiful entry.

NOTE: I am in the process of adding the blogs I'm "following" into my dashboard, but I just did the A's and it took 30 minutes! I'll get around to adding all of you soon. My daughter is taking me to the beach this weekend, with 4 of my grandchildren - so I'll have limited access to the computer. Catch you Monday, if not before.


sage said...

Have a blast at the beach! Summer is almost gone.

Granny Annie said...

My son and grandchildren gave me one of those terra cotta, oreo, gummy bear cakes for Christmas one year. They are messy but yummy!

My husband refers to boys and their toys as boys wearing jeans with a hole in the pocket. Yes, he's a crude fellow:-)

Beverly said...

These tables have been so delightful.

Have fun at the beach.

Wendy said...

Loved the idea of gummy worms in oreo crumbs! Actually loved the whole entry. And the orchid one too.
Earth (when speaking of elements) means anything growing in the Earth: plants, trees, flowers, grass - even if it grows on the tree (since the tree has roots in the earth).

If you think of the other elements, it makes more sense: Air, Water, Fire. Your orchids would not come from the element of Air (even though you need air and water to grow them). The element of Air is represented by wind, clouds, birds, butterflies...

Have fun at the beach!

Shephard said...

Lucite is not earthy? lol
Oh, I kinda like it... even tho it isn't earthy. But, take away the orchids and it's just sterile and contemporary. Fun photos!