Sunday, August 31

Tax Cuts

Here's a site where you can calculate the amount of tax cut you might receive if Obama is elected.


Granny Annie said...

Judy, you could also title this the tax cut you "might" receive if donkey's fly. There are a few too many variables in this exercise to make it any kind of valid or worthwhile test don't you think?

Ginnie said...

Judy, tax cut or not I just pray that Obama gets elected. I am so afraid of the immature and backward thinking voters who will get in the booth and decide they can't vote for a non-white.
We, as a Nation, HAVE TO GROW UP & put prejudices aside.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm for all the tax cuts we can get.
The gov't takes WAY too much!!!

I plan to vote for the McPalin ticket.

sage said...

that's an interesting interactive site.

Shephard said...

Very interesting.