Friday, August 15


My favorite trees, again. In England.

The ubiquitous and very red London telephone booths.

Blue Agapanthus (Nile lilies) growing in England.

The United States Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC. It's getting a face lift (or it could be collagen or botox)

The Eternal Flame that burns beside John F. Kennedy's grave site.

The Dome of the US Capitol Building, at sunset.


Bear Naked said...

Don't you just love those red telephone booths?
Says--very very British to me.

Bear((( )))

bobbie said...

My youngest used to have a life-sized red phone booth poster on the door of her bedroom. Pretty neat.

Ellie said...

Lovely! Great shots.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I liked the Picture of the Capital at Sun set----good pic.

Shephard said...

I did not know that Blue Agapanthus were called Nile Lilies!
They grow here a lot. :)