Tuesday, June 10

The Last of the Blues but Not the Bees

Since Anna says that Tuesday will be the last of Project Blue, I thought I'd post all I had collected in the last week. The symbol of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA, and several blue bottles line my dining room windows.

An old mustard pot against cloud wallpaper in my bathroom.

A cobalt bottle I paid $2 for in a junk shop. I love that color!

One of the star designs on a quilt I have. Too bad they aren't all blue!

Graniteware bucket; hanging from the ceiling in my kitchen.

Frog on Blue!! I went out to put the deck umbrella back into the stand and when I moved it off the chair it was leaning against, this frog appeared. He had searched for shade and found it under the closed umbrella. I don't know where he went after I moved it, but there is not much shade to be found when it is 101*. I bet he's happy now that the pool is open! I sure am. The bees are too, since they continually scout for water. I don't think that chlorine will be good for them, but I suppose when it is 101*, you get water wherever you can.

He's so warty!! For more of Project Blue, go see Anna!

The bees are not cooperating. The bee man put up his contraption weeks ago, and the bees were supposed to adopt the new hive and put their honey into it, instead of the house. But most of the bees are swarmed up against the side of our house, while a few gather honey and put it in the hive. I wonder where the queen is - and whether the honey inside the house is melting? What a drama this has turned out to be!! Stay tuned for further developments, as they occur.


whimsical brainpan said...

I have that same cobalt bottle!

Good luck with the bees. I hope you find a solution.

Anna said...

I love all your blues...did you have fun? I love looking for specific things and I am always surprised at how hard it can be!

Weary Hag said...

Bees. Ugh they can be disastrous. When the guys were tearing down our old shingles, they discovered (and showed us) holes - I mean healthy-sized holes - in the shingles where boring bees (I shudder to think about their faces) actually zip through to make hives then take up residency. We had a bee guy come too ... but they weren't honey bees.

Good luck with that situation. It's not fun.

Your blues are so pretty!

And I love Mr. Froggie...he sho 'nuff does look dry!

Diane Mandy said...

Bees make me blue!

Bear Naked said...

Ilove how you have lined up the bottles in your dining room windows.
Wish I could do that but I have sliders.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Great "blues" pics. Your bees are giving me full body shivers! LOL.

Beverly said...

Your blues are beautiful...especially the cobalt blue bottle. That was a real bargain at two dollars.

Again, I love your frogs. I hope they can stay cool. Too bad about the bees.

vicki said...

So, I'm tooling along in a stream of blue and then there are: BEES! How did I miss the Bee Contraption post??? Oh, this is a saga that wets my appetite! I'm so excited I may have to come visit you. :-)

First off, what wonderful karma YOU must have to be attracting bees into your home. I know it's a bother and all, but really, Judy- lucky you to have these endangered little busy bodies depositing their honey in YOUR rafters! And how cool is it that, rather than go for the exterminator, you're going to great lengths to 'show them the way.'

Consider this (material for a science fiction movie): By virtue of your goodness you have attracted the smartest members of the revolt, those that will survive CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) by reorganizing in the walls of your bedroom!

...I do hope they make the transition but they probably won't until they figure out the queen situation. She is not going to leave so they will have to promote from within and get a new queen for the external hive. The day that happens you will know it. And the old Queen will sit, like Mary, Queen of Scots, in the walls of your bedroom, all alone, abandoned even by her handmaidens, waiting to die...

Dianne said...

that blue bottle was some find!

I thought the frog was a statue LOL, I can be so dense.

I wish you could speak directly to the queen bee and tell her what the contraption is there, she'd get it!

Chancy said...

beautiful blues. Nothing prettier than cobalt blue/

moon said...

Love the pics, and love blue bottles...lol, I had to look around and see a few things I could have put together myself lol.

Awareness said...

lovin' the froggie on blue.

I have a few cobalt blue bottles as well........i love how they catch the light. I have one I love to use as a vase for shasta daisies.

Jamie Dawn said...

You've got some real bee trouble!!

That cobalt bottle was a great buy!
I love that color too.

Shephard said...

I love the blue glass jar. :)

srp said...

Do you have any pictures of the bees now? This is a difficult situation indeed!

Carletta said...

Wonderful blues!
I love the bucket - reminds me I have a pan I couldn't have used - and the quilt star.
Cobalt blue is the best blue I think. I'm reminded of old Vick's bottles before they were plastic.

PI said...

We have Bristol blue glass; I was given liqueur glasses in 1951 as a wedding present from the mother of Simon Gray(British playwright)and have just one left.

Jennie said...

Nice blues! I covet that cobalt bottle!!!