Tuesday, May 20

Pocahontas ~ The Play

Two of my grandaughters (my son's children - the co-captain of the cheerleaders on the left and the actress on the right). We saw the play on Saturday, when they had 3 separate performances! I was amazed at the professionalism they showed. All the members of the cast are between the ages of 8 and 11, and most of them could have passed for much older on stage. Our girl played the part of a "woman of Jamestown" and had a pretty good speaking part, and sang as well, since this is a musical production. The leads (Pocahontas and "Mother Earth") were both 10 years old and their singing voices and stage delivery were phenomenal! Before taking the photo, I had to flip the bonnet back, so you could see her pretty face. I gave her the small bouquet after the show and she seemed pleased! After the evening performance, they had a cast party and I heard that everyone enjoyed it.

This is not a school production; this is a separate theater group and I applaud the adults who staff the group and spend all the time necessary to get these kids to stage readiness. It is a labor of love, I am sure. And what a great experience for the children, who not only learn what it takes to mount a play and to hone their skills, but they meet children from all over their city and many different schools.

I heard a funny story about the rehearsals. One of the children in the play was sort of a "Woody Allen" type. He disrupted the group many times; cracking jokes and cutting-up. Finally the director mandated that one of his parents had to be present in all rehearsals, to keep him in line. The funniest part of it to me is that the kid looks just like Woody Allen and if they ever do a film on Woody Allen's life, they could sure use this kid to play the lead!


JeanMac said...

Wow! I'm impressed - good for kids to do something like this.

Bob-kat said...

I wonder if the world is ready for another Woody Allen? :)

It sounds like a wonderful project and that the kids put their hearts into it. The picture is very sweet and they are both pretty girls :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like it was an amazing performance! Your grandaughter is just like a ray of sunshine, Judy. What a happyu open little face she has!

tiff said...

That's an astounding amount of work for those kids. You must be very proud!!

Beverly said...

I love kids' productions. It sounds like you had a really good weekend with your grandchildren.

Mom said...

I love children's theater. My granddaughters have been bit by the acting bug and are in in production after another. The experience has given them a lot of self confidence and a lot of fun. It is a lot of work for a lot of people.

Shephard said...

Isn't she pretty.
Pocahontas. Interesting.
(B's first movie with Disney, too).

Everyone should get flowers after a performance.


PI said...

I enlarged it before I read the post and spotted a familiar name.

Dianne said...

they are lovely girls!

there is so much evidence that children who are involved in the arts do so much better at all other aspects of their education. and their life overall.

how wonderful that your girls can be a part of this.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well, your granddaughters look a whole lot prettier than a young Woody Allen ever could!!!!
I'm so happy to see pics of your lovely granddaughters. I know you've not been permitted to show photos before, so it's great to finally see a photo.
Congrats to the actress on her performance and participation in such a neat drama troupe.
She really looks adorable in her bonnet.

colleen said...

I saw a children's play this weekend too, or at least part of it. I saw two young boys do a rendition of Who's on First. I finally understood it.