Tuesday, May 13

A MEME ~ Times Six

Annie, over at Skinny Link, tagged me for yet another Six Things Meme! I have done them before, and I don't know how much more random info you can handle about me without being bored out of your gourd - but here goes:

1. Before Imagine, I wrote another blog called Just Ask Judy. If you're somehow starved for information, go there.

2. I love to watch ballroom and other kinds of dancing shows on TV, so I'm in Heaven with Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Ditto for American Idol. I also enjoy Survivor and Big Brother but I wish they would concentrate on other aspects of the game than the rabid competition, lies and back-stabbing.

3. We have three children, six bio grandchildren and three step-grandchildren; all of whom are fabulous, smart, creative, beautiful and loving. We're lucky and very grateful for all of them.

4. I love playing the piano, but I haven't owned one in many years. If you feel inclined to give me one (preferably a baby grand) I'll be forever in your debt.....LOL. Maybe then I could start a trio with my granddaughter who plays the flute beautifully and my grandson, who plays the trombone.

5. I also love to read, and truth be told, I'll read almost anything, even the back of the cereal box and the fine print in a pharmaceutical ad (much as I hate them), if that is all I can find. I keep a book in my car at all times, and I pick up all the free newspapers I can find, just to do the crosswords in them.

6. I've just learned that I will be getting hearing aids this week, unless the delivery people throw a kink into the works. It will be sooooooo great not to have to ask everyone to repeat what they just said, and I know they will all appreciate not having to! Of course, I may hear more than I want to - such as mewling cats and the rumble of trucks and airplanes, but I'll deal with it.


Nancy said...


Good about you getting the hearing aids.

Did you hear about the old lady who was really deaf and she got hearing aids?

A friend said to her."Your family must be so happy that your got the hearing aids." The old lady said,

"I haven't told them yet. I just sit in the corner and listen to their conversations. I've changed my will four times."

David said...

good for you on the hearing aids. I hope it all works out well.

They call me Annie said...

Good joke Nancy. And Judy, I'll keep my eye peeled for a free baby grand. You never know. You and I are twins in the reading arena. I've honestly never met anyone else who reads that kind of fine print--or anything else at hand. It's good to meet you! -annie

TravelinOma said...

I love Nancy's comment about the hearing aids. And I hope someone gives you a piano. We gave ours to our daughter when we moved into an apartment and I miss it. I play it when I babysit at her house...it's incentive.

Mar said...

I started reading you before I even had a blog! I remember that.
Love Nancy's joke, I must remember this one :)

Granny Annie said...

We can't give you a baby grand but we do have an old electric keyboard that the cord has been cut off. Would be happy to send it:-)

Ron and I both need hearing aids but neither will admit it so we just scream "Can you hear me now?"

Weary Hag said...

I'll tell you something ... this is my all-time favorite type of post - EVER. By our ages, there is PLENTY to say about ourselves and it's always fun to share and to learn more about each other.

I went for years without playing piano as well ... I feel ya, Judy. I'm looking into something here and will get back to you on it within a week or so. Promise.

Thanks for always being there for me ... you're a fabulous person and if it wasn't for your Just Ask Judy, I wouldn't have gotten to know you over these years!

I'm so lucky.

tiff said...

Good on ya for getting them thar hearing aids - does Mr Kenju know you're getting them, or are you goign to take a few days before saying anything so you can hear what he mutters when he thinks you're not listening?


Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

I'll try to remember to post the recipe from Mother's Day. It's really simple :)

I don't think it's possible for you to bore us ;) Nice to learn more about you. I wish I would have taken piano lessons when my grandma told me too.


Beverly said...

I hope that you adjust well to your hearing aids. I'll be eager to hear how you do. I have some that sit in the drawer because I've just never adjusted. I do need to do something about that though.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I learned 6 new things about you Judy...And Happy To Learn them. I think you should get a little piano even if it isn't a Baby Grand....I don't think I could live without mine and I know how you love music....!

Do let us know how the Hearing Aids work out. I am sent stuff ALL the time about Hearing Aids and I don't need them yet, but...that time could certainly come.

bobbie said...

Not boring at all. And congratulations on the hearing aids. I'm happy for you.

Please feel free to borrow anything on my blog, Judy. I could not answer you in my own comments because Blogger is not letter me get into my own blog today. It's been difficult for a week or so. I'm lucky to have been able to get into yours.