Tuesday, April 15

Odds and ends

This is the beautiful little lake I see through the floor-to-ceiling windows when I work at my friend's flower shop. What a perk, huh? Almost makes it worthwhile to drive 23.6 miles, one way. This is home to the Canada goose I photographed last Saturday, along with 50-60 of his closest friends. I can't say I blame them.....I wouldn't mind having this in my front yard either!


Why don't pharmacies recycle medicine containers? I am referring to pills and capsules, of course, not liquids. Surely the plastic in those is just as useful as the type in milk containers and oleo tubs. But every pharmacist I have asked says ...."We don't currently have a program for that." I think they should get a program - don't you?


I think I'd like to buy another camera to keep beside the computer. Every time I need one to catch a photo of my cat with her nose in my shoes, my camera is downstairs in my purse - or in the car!


Busy week, this. A funeral this morning for a neighbor, who was the Chief of Anesthesiology at a local hospital. About 500 people came, including mayors, senators and other various politicoes, doctors, neighbors, patients.....all of whom had nothing but good things to say about the man. Would that we all could take that with us to the grave.

Tomorrow, we go to our new health club for the first time, to learn the cardio circuit machines. Hopefully we will not only learn but DO, on a continuing basis. This is a state of the art facility, and we have been members of a health club wanna be. It may intimidate us......LOL.

Wednesday: the yearly mammogram. Wish me luck and benignity.

Thursday: work! for my old boss - for whom I haven't worked since January. I'm glad to be going back!

Friday: work again, and dinner with Tiff and getting to meet her mother - which ought to be/will be nice and good fun! (Tiff is always fun.) Out-of-town company (guy) coming to stay in our guestroom for the weekend. He is a friend of mr. kenju's who is coming to town for the Eleventh Annual Triangle Area Pipe Smokers Expo. (Come on down!)

Saturday: work again, and another friend (gal) coming to town to stay in my daughter's room, on her way to FL. Dinner at the Bonefish Grill.

Sunday? I think I'll stay in bed all day.....LOL!


I have no every-two-weeks cleaning women anymore. They quit me because I mentioned that they didn't do the floors well the last time they were here. That was only the second time in five years that I complained to them. Nevermind that I haven't been happy with their cleaning for over a year, and nevermind that I kept them on because I felt sorry for them since I know they need the work so badly, and nevermind that I give them clothing and shoes, and saved my garbage for the one who had a garden and wanted my compost. They just didn't show up last week and although I left a message for one, she didn't call me back to give an explanation. Now I'll have to clean the house myself (a fate worse than death.)

What you don't know about me is that I work so I can afford cleaning women. I can stand and work with flowers all day long, but the movements that you have to do when cleaning (bending, twisting, pushing, making beds) always throw my back out of place and I am in deep misery. I hate housework, except for the once or twice a year when I get the urge to tidy up the nest and clean closets and ovens and scrub tile. But that urge doesn't come nearly often enough, and so to keep the place sanitary (moderately) and neat (sort of) I have to hire someone to do the dirty work. Wish me luck.


JeanMac said...

A tad ungrateful, those cleaning ladies. I've never had one - I think it's a great luxury but never ever looked into it!Good luck on Mamo.

Diane Mandy said...

Good luck on finding a better cleaning service and, more importantly, on the mammogram. You are one busy lady!

G in Berlin said...

I had a cleaning person who walked out on me when I suggested that, rather than spend an hour washing, drying and folding my cltyhes, thAt I would prefer she clean and that I would do the washing. Good riddance. Find someone else. I have friends in the Triangle area, they say that it's not difficult getting manual help. Ask friends for reccs.
And the reason pharmacies can't (and won't) recycle prescription containers is because of what used to be in them and needing to get labels off, etc. I recycle them (washed) with my plastic.Your plastic won't take them?

Janet said...

That's the best reason for having a cleaning service I've ever heard! Too bad those ladies didn't appreciate what they had with you. Hi, Michele sent me :-)

CAROLYN said...

It would be hard to leave that lake :)

Good luck w/your mammygram & finding new cleaners. Why is it the people we feel sorry for and go above board to help out are the ones that can afford to dump us in the end? (Don't feel sorry for the next ones ;)

Heather said...

Good morning, Michele sent me! The photo is beautiful. It reminds me of an area of PA I used to camp at.
As far as cleaning goes, Merry Maids are a good organization. Good luck with that.

Nancy said...


I got a new cleaning lady once and the first thing she said she wanted to do was clean the front of the PHILCO refrigerator. She took a rag ,wrapped it around a knife and began cleaning each letter.

It took 10 minutes for the P then she moved on to the H which was more difficult so required twice as much effort and time.Then on to the I which was easy and only took 8 minutes. L was a snap ( 4 minutes). C was done in 3 minutes, then she had to take a rest before completing the O.

By this time Roy was catching on to her and whispered to me...

"Thank God we didn't buy that KELVINATOR."

rosemary said...

Beautiful view....at the rate the snow is melting, we will have a few geese swimming around our yard too. I'll ask my husband the pharmacist about why....I am sure there is some really boring technical reason. As for the housekeepers.....they are a nomadic lot anyway I think.

tiff said...

I vehemently wish for benignity.

Lookig forward to Friday! We need to plan a time and place.

Also - That stinks about the cleaning people.

Beverly said...

Boo on them. I hope you find some good ones. Mine had to quit because of her knee, and I haven't found anyone new. Sarah often helps.

Your yellow is beautiful in the post below.

Shephard said...

Wishing you luck, Judy.
We have an every-2-weeks person too, that's I'm about to give the ole heave ho for the same reason, provided my new person works out.
Sounds like quite the busy week for you!

Jamie Dawn said...

Having someone to clean your house is wonderful, especially since you are working so you can pay them to do it for you. They provide you a service and you provide them payment for services rendered. It's too bad they couldn't take a bit of criticism. I hope you find someone better to take their place very soon.

That is a lovely view. Looking at that is sure better than being stuck in a cubical like so many are these days.

You have a busy week.

PI said...

Best of luck with the mammogram Judy. You'll be fine.
I do sympathise about the poor cleaning ladies. I don't mind housework, but then I don't go out to work and inffectual cleaning drives me up the wall. i do hope you find someone - you have far too much to do, even if you are but a youngster.

Carmi said...

My mom used to have the same problem when I was a kid. We never seemed to find folks who were reliable or responsible. I guess that's the nature of the job, but still...

At least things weren't disappearing. I have not-so-fond memories of coming home and finding things missing.

In my ideal world, houses will clean themselves. Someday...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My Lordy, Judy...I don't know what I would do if my Housekeeper quit! She is wonderful! And young enough that she can do all the things I can't. And when she doesn't do a good job on some part, I can tell her and she does it better, next time...! Finding really good people is really very difficult...I found Lucy through friends and I am deeply grateful to them. I Do Indeed Wish You Good Luck!

Great idea to keep a camera next to your Computer...
You sure have a busy week, Judy...And some of it sounds like a lot of fun...(Except the Cleaning Part...lol...) House guests, dinners out and about....Sounds Really WONDERFUL!
And work, too....I would be ready for rest on Sunday too! LOL!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ask friends for referrals. That's where you find the best and nicest folks. My parents' had the most wonderful two ladies who cleaned for them... I wish I could afford them!

rennratt said...

My only exposure to a cleaning crew is the one we use at work. He's less a crew than a one man job. I can ask him for a referral for you, if you'd like.

Best of luck on the mammo Wednesday! (Mine is on Thursday!)

srp said...

Our church collects the empty medicine bottles to send to one of the missions in Central America. They have a hospital and need the containers to dispense medicine. Mom and Dad say they feel as if they personally outfit the entire hospital each month! Perhaps your church has something similar!