Saturday, February 16

Yet More Boxes!

Another set of mr. kenju's tobacco tins.

Box o' flowers! (silks, of course)

A flower-covered hexagon box; sometimes used to hold playing cards and small toys for my grandchildren. It is empty now, and I stood it up in the bookshelves in the den just to brighten up that area.
A tobacco humidor with a hand-made, inlaid wood horse head. I really admire the craft of inlaid wood, and I bought this at a silent auction fund-raiser ball for a children's advocacy group here in our area.
I have been really lazy today. After working nearly 38 hours in 4 days, I was worn out, plus I have picked up either an intestinal flu bug or food poisoning. It could be the quality (or lack thereof) of the foods I ate all week: Monday lunch was a chicken parmesan pita wrap, and while it was tasty, it was full of fat. The accompanying zucchini strips; breaded and deep-fried, were wonderful, but sinfully rich. Tuesday: a grilled chicken sandwich from Mickey D's - only because it was near the flower shop. Wednesday: the flower shop provided chicken tenders from Chick Fil A, along with a veggie tray of celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and cukes. I ate plenty of everything. Wednesday evening, they ordered pizza, which I ought never to eat, but did, with relish. Thursday, it was (someone's) homemade chili at the shop, of which I only ate a small bowl - thank Heaven for that. Either that did the dirty trick or it was a combination of everything else that did it. I also drank 3 diet cokes with caffeine; something which I seldom do and that may have added to the trauma.....LOL
It seems to be under control now, and I have had plenty of liquids today to offset the losses. Tomorrow brings a hot stone massage, to which I am treating myself for working so hard this week. I think I deserve it!
I had already posted, but I forgot something I wanted to tell you. Yesterday at the flower shop, I was told to make an arrangement of 12 sunflowers. I searched for the perfect container, and found a golden glass pitcher. So I did the arrangement, with the sunflowers, yellow solidago as filler and some yellow acacia spilling out over the rim of the vase. I told my co-workers that they should title that one..."You Are the Sunshine of My Life". I didn't think it would sell, since most men want (or think their women do) red roses and babies breath (gag). But about 6pm on Valentine's Day, a man chose it to take home to his wife. I approached him and asked if he'd like to know what I called it. Of course, he had to say yes, if only to be polite. I told him, and he got a big smile on his face and said "That's perfect and I know my wife will love it. " Don't you know it made all those hard hours on my feet worth every minute?!
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Shelly said...

The boxes are fabulous, what a collection. This girl would have loooved the sunflower arrangement, it sounds positively stunning.

Carmi said...

Your sunflower experience sounds wonderful. I bet they're the most memorable flowers his wife ever receives.

I'm sorry to hear you've been under the weather. After the week you've had - work and on-the-run food - it's no wonder. When I was travelling a lot, more often than not I'd catch something toward the tail end of the trip for precisely the same reasons. I lost count of how many times I either came home sick, or got sick soon thereafter.

From one night owl to another, I hope you feel better soon, Judy.

michelle said...

I'm totally in love with those boxes and sunflowers are my favorite, just imagining how beautiful they are.

Smiler said...

I love sunflowers. What a great punch of color. Which reminds me I haven't bought myself fresh flowers in a long time. For a while I made it a point to get myself a fresh bouquet every week or two.

The boxes are great. I don't know if I had mentioned it, but I have a small collection as well. Nothing like your though. I like all sorts of boxes, but tin boxes seem to be my preference, followed by wood.

bobbie said...

I love all sorts of boxes. Your collection is wonderful.
Aunflowers are my absolute favorite. I wish you had taken a photo of that arrangement. It sounds like something I would like to see.
Hope you have a sunshiney day - even if it isn't that way outside.

Geggie said...

The boxes are great. Hope you're feeling better!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

They all look superb quality.

Michele sent me.

Dianne said...

thanks for more boxes, they're all so beautiful. the silk flowers arranged in the dark wood looks great and the colorful tin on the bookshelf is perfect.

I too would love to see a photo of "You are the sunshine of my life" - demanding aren't we! that's a great valentine story.

feel better!

Beverly said...

Oh, I love your boxes. You have some real treasures.

Here's hoping you get over your bug. Enjoy your massage. I guess I don't really need to say that though.

colleen said...

I think you're onto something new for Valentine's Day. And the title is great. All those blog titles have you in shape for naming flower arrangements, I suspect.

JeanMac said...

The sunflower arrgmt was probably a hit esp. when he told her the name - very sweet.

AC said...

Judy, I'm really glad you are enjoying the Tommy Emmanuel CD. I just love the guy.

Now don't forget: You can see for yourself on Feb 21! His concerts are truly amazing.

Tommy Emmanuel and The Greencards
February 21 at 8 p.m.
Australian guitar wizard Tommy Emmanuel is one of the finest guitar players in the world with an energetic, emotional style that spans a career of more than four decades. Austin-based bluegrass trio The Greencards joins Emmanuel.

Tickets: $25 Members: $21
Presented by Outback Concerts

Jennifer said...

Lady, with all of your collections, in my imagination, your house is a ginormous, multi-roomed wonderland of eye candy.

The sunflowers sound way better than roses. What a clever idea!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope you feel better soon.

AC said...

I am very pro-sunflowers. They were my best selling cut flower at the market. I only wish those deep red ones were the single stem type so they wouldn't droop or need a wire.

Laura said...

Count me in as one who would have preferred sunflowers to roses, on Vday!
My hub bought home a beautiful orchid arrangement, but he was so sick, he had a fever when he came home, and still managed to make the purchase anyway. So it wasn't till he got home that we realized it was an artificial arrangement instead of a real one, LOL!
Funny though, but I love the flowers!

I hope you're feeling better by now!

Star said...

The flower arrangement sounds gorgeous. I wishyou had a picture. I am sure they brigtened the day of whoever received them. The massage sounds heavenly. I may have to try oe

Jamie Dawn said...

How neat that that sunflower arrangement was just right for his wife!
I hope your enjoyed your massage. Massages are heavenly!
This line in your post cracked me up: "I have had plenty of liquids today to offset the losses."
Oh, the imagery!!
I hope you are feeling all better by now.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I collect boxes, too, but mostly they are small ones. I just love seeing yours.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I love that Judy....! It sounds very beautiful....(No Sunflower pictures??)
LOVE these Boxes, too.....I don't know how I missed coming here....But the whole hill here had a power outage for over three hours....This is the third time in about a months time that the power has gone out on this hill....This NEVER ever used to, I just keep candles in every room, JUST for tmes like this....It's like living in a third world country...! Crazy, really.
Anyway....I'm here now and I love that Hexagonal Flower Box! So very very pretty....I like the Tobacco tims, too! (lol)

Mildred Garfield said...

Glad you added that PS to this post. I am a lover of sunflowers too.

Judy, I think you are on to something!! Look how many of us love sunflowers and what you named the arrangement. Sounds to me like you could go into a business just making sunflower arrangements

I'd be your first customer. ;-)

Anna said...

I bet that those tobbacco tins smell wonderful! I agree with you about the gasoline Judy...but I still love to watch! :)