Sunday, January 13

More Funny Names

Are you ready for more? Thanks to all of you who responded with some very funny additions to the list! I was laughing out loud at most of them. I just hope that if anyone whose name I use here happens onto these posts, they won't be offended. Surely they realize the humour in their names too.

Here's another list:
Cameron Hollowpeter
Leota Muck
Lt. Col. Peter Dick-Peter
Stacy Macy
Lotta Dick
Shannon Lay Offut
Melissa Getzoff Daly
Narvie Nine Creech
Pribble Cruikshanks
Tim Rectanus
Felicious M. Blango
Fair Pickel
Truly Gold Boring
Chandler Cook Chandler
Robbie Gobble
Anna Lovely Day
Bleaker Womack Champion
Dick Trickle
Scarnwell L. Rivenbark
Puteena Feely
Timpadell G. Wiggs
Dick Cabbagestalk
Jeff Crapster
Lemoine Morecock
and the best yet.....
Basil Smallpiece

When I worked in the hospital, we used to amuse ourselves in slack times by deciding "if _____ married _______ her name would be _______." Some of them were hilarious!

If you want to see the first post I wrote about names, go here.

And here is another post about them.

A late-breaking addition to the list: Pricie F. Wolfingbarger


gautami tripathy said...

Good to be back from Michele for another chuckle.

Those are really to good. I would be laughing all day long today!

Whitesnake said...

Wayne Kerr met Joe King and spoke to the two gay scotsmen Ben Doon and Phil McKraken.

Rauf said...

Have you heard of Doctor Killmore ?

Bud said...

Judy, this one had me laughing out loud. The next time I need to hide an identity in my blog I will go right to the list.

ET said...

Remember - in many of these names the parents were the witty ones giving such a first name to complement the last name so cleverly.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Oh Judy, some of these are just priceless....! I am going to copy them if you don't mind and pass them on to Betty....She has another friend who collects funny names, too---I know she will want to share some of these with him, too---If not ALL!

Granny Annie said...

Jay Leno sometimes ends his headlines with newspaper announcements of weddings i.e. the Feling/Gross wedding, etc. You would think the newspaper would help these people by being cautious of the wording.

Geggie said...

Too funny. I have a friend who's father in law is a retired AF officer named Dick, he's a super nice guy. In his spare time he's a clown and goes to children's hospitals to cheer them up. His clown name is "Tickles". We kindly refer to his as "Dick Tickles". hehe

Joy Des Jardins said...

Those are hysterical. I can't imagine going through life with some of these and having to deal with all the wise cracks. I guess if you laugh along with's okay.

No_Newz said...

I think I need to hang out with my friend Bud Wiser for a while now. ;)

Last Girl On Earth said...

Judy, these are a HOOT! Does the list extend to silly names of places? There was a restaurant a while back in a bus terminal that was called TERMINAL LUNCH. That always struck as too funny. And then we used to play with names of people whose both names made a sentence... Like Tom Waits. Anyhow, LOVED your lists. So glad Michele reminded me that I need to come over here more often. By the way, Happy New Year! (Better late than never!)

JeanMac said...

Me thinks I'd be changing my name! Sure good for a chuckle, though.

Dianne said...

very funny! for some reason "dick trickle" just made me hoot. Could you imagine poor dick as a child!? he must be good at fighting by now.

thanks for the laughs.

Bob-kat said...

Some of those are absolutely priceless! LOL!

When I used to work as a stage manager we used to amuse ourselves sometimes by putting fake calls out for people like Mr Hugh Jarse etc. We couldn't come up with any as funny as some of them here though!

Michele sent me over for a giggle with you.

Awareness said...

OMG! You know how I feel about your hobby! It's the best hobby I've ever heard of.

These are hilarious Judy. I read them aloud to my daughter and ended up laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face! Now she thinks I'm kookier than before. Who knew that was possible.

Will send out word tomorrow at work to see if I can dig up some more for your OUTSTANDING collection!!

Anonymous said...

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Blonde Goddess said...

There is a man who lives in this area and umpires baseball games. His name is Harry Weiner. His wife's name is Anita.

Shephard said...

My favorite...Felicious M. Blango.
I love names.
~S :)

David said...

it is good to laugh, thanks

srp said...

I can't believe you collect names... A doctor I worked with did too and we were always looking for funny ones to give him. His list included:

Soviet Threat
Icie Sicle

We also had a
Donald Duck
Darla Dear

And a Roy Rogers whose specimens were hemorrhoids...

We had a governor in Oklahoma
Larry Derryberry... say that three times fast!

And of course there was the Texas governor Hogg who named his two daughters:

Ima and Ura.

Tim said...

As a name on this list, I am appalled at what I am seeing here! I mean, really, How could "Rectanus" not make the FIRST LIST? Just timing I guess. O Well! All in good fun!!! PS. My middle initial is "E".

kenju said...

Tim, you caught me!! Thanks for not being mad!