Sunday, January 13

Meme ~ Me ~ Meme ~ Me ~ Meme

The wonderful Naomi has tagged me for this meme. The gist of it is to name five things you didn't picture in your life when you were age 25. That's a long time ago - 1965! On my birthday in 1965, I was pregnant with my first child, and working as a Cytotechnologist in a hospital in Norfolk, VA. There were many things I could never have imagined back then, but here are five of them:

1. I could never have known that I would become a wedding and party florist. Further, I could not have imagined that I would be doing that and working from my home instead of a shop. I am very fortunate to have the talent for it, and I am even more fortunate to have found a way to do it without having to open a shop. In the 50's, Tennessee Ernie Ford sang about "selling your soul to the company store." That is exactly how I felt about it when I worked in a full-service shop while I was in college. There are advantages and disadvantages to working in your home, but the "ads" far outweigh the "disads!"

2. I could never have imagined that I would bear three children before the age of thirty, and end up with nine beautiful, smart, fabulous grandchildren to boot! I am indeed a blessed woman in that. I have a daughter-in-law of whom I am very fond, and one ex and one current son-in-law. I am very fond of the current one, but the ex? Not so much.

3. Like Naomi, I never would have guessed that I'd quit smoking. I started when I was 15, and had to sneak around to do it. I wasn't fooling anyone, of course, least of all my mother - who had the nose of a panther and could smell anything a mile away. I quit when I was 38, mostly because my children begged me to quit. I was most fortunate not to develop any serious health issues while I smoked, and I am so grateful.

4. I could never have pictured being in the good health that I am. Although I had many relatives who lived to advanced ages, I was never sure that I would as well. As an adopted child, one who did not learn her inherited health history until she was 57, I couldn't be sure. Anything can happen, of course.....but so far I am lucky to be in good health and energetic for my age.

5. This last one is hard to come up with. Since I was already married to mr. kenju by then, I didn't need to picture other men in my life, and I have always been grateful for that. In 1965, I had no idea where life might lead us. I wanted it to lead us to New York City, but mr. kenju had other ideas. At present, I am very glad we didn't move there, but at the time I was disappointed that he didn't want to move back to his hometown. I didn't know that I would change my mind about that...LOL. I couldn't have imagined that we'd be living in North Carolina, but I'm glad we moved here and managed to stay here for 38 1/2 years.

How's that, Naomi? It's the best I can do at present. Just you wait, though. The minute I hit publish, I'll think of something else!

Note: I will be working this week to get ready for a huge wedding I have next Sat., as well as the bridesmaid's luncheon. I may not be visiting as much as I'd like - but I will be back!


Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me to say - I really enjoyed learning all those neat things about you! How funny where our lives lead us!!!

Claude said...

Quite an interesting meme, one that I might take up, if I can thing of five things. It is amazing how we picture our future life when we are young and what turns it takes later on!

moon said...

I will have to think about that meme myself lol..Gret reading yours!!

Chancy said...

All interesting answers Judy. I also was expecting my first child in 1956 and like you I had 3 children. But you have me beat on the grand children We have only 6, ranging in age from 19 to 7.

aka Chancy

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is GREAT, Judy! No apologies needed....It is always fascinating to read a MEME like this, because though I read you ALL the time, and have for over two years, there were things in your answers I did not know! For instance, I knew you worked in a Hospital, but I did not know exactly what you did...!
And I didn't know or remember that you hoped that you and Mr. Kevju would live in New York City....Mr. Kenju is very wise.

Nora Christie said...

I enjoyed reading your memes too. But before I started blogging, I'd never heard of a meme. If I had to think of five I couldn't imagine myself doing at 25, I'm afraid they'd all be downers. So it's a good thing I'm not doing them.
Glad yours turned out pretty darned well.

Kristi said...

What a great list. Even though 25 was only six years ago for me, I can still think of many things about my life that are so different than what I imagined they would be.

You are so right about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. The "all day pjs" are certainly a plus, but then again, you never really leave your work, do you? And you and I shared the same dream of living in NYC (I still have that dream).

Awareness said...

I just read Naomi's list as well. Really interesting meme because there are so many really important things in our lives we don't make a choice on.......and yet we are blessed with.


ps. have fun with the wedding.

Beverly said...

I did not know what a meme was, but now I am one. My grandkids call me Meme.

Jamie Dawn said...

I really enjoyed reading Naomi's meme, and now I enjoyed reading yours.
I am THRILLED that both you and Naomi quit smoking!!!! I know it was a live saver for Naomi, and it could very well have been for you too, also, in addition, as well.

PI said...

Judy you have my total admiration in all that you do and long may your continue to do it. I really admire your energy and your spirit and Mr Kenju made his smartest move when he married you.

Nikki-ann said...

Since it was only 2 and a half years ago for me there's not much I could put!

Changes in the wind said...

I love these type of meme's...thanks for participating:)

Kay Dennison said...

Looks like you have been truly blessed, Judy!!!

Mahala said...

I just can't get over the fact that I was born in Norfolk in 1965. Maybe you and Ma's paths crossed!

Diane Mandy said...

I love the idea of the meme! One of the best I've seen. And I always enjoy reading your repsonses.

Shephard said...

Oh, I like your answers. :)
I was one in 1965. lol
I just thought you should know that.
I posted my answers today.

JoeinVegas said...

38 years in Carolina with the same guy. That sounds pretty good. We're up to 32, but not all in Vegas. And only one granddaughter.
Hi! Michele sent me!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Well, I feel like I know you even better now. I hope your big wedding is beautiful. By the way, I got a flower/plant basket from a group I work for which was stored in a wonderful large bag with handles and two big window-like openings so you could see what was in there. I was fascinated and it was easy to carry it to the car--and it looked good, too.