Saturday, January 5

Leftovers ~ Holiday 2007

Our Governor's Holiday Card. The artist chose the perspective of looking into the Mansion from the porch, during a snowstorm. William Mangum is a native North Carolinian, who paints a different scene each year for the holiday card to be used the following year.

This small tree and the set below are what passed for Christmas trees at casa kenju this year. I only decorated with ornaments I could find in the house without having to go into the attic. I was lazy this year!

The gilded angels above were made by a dear old friend from Charleston. They are made of fabric and papier mache, and these were made using lace taken from my mother's lingerie after she died. They are very special to me, and have been in use for about 20 years.

The angel above, wearing her finest deep blue velvet and gold lame, was made by a neighbor. Originally from Germany, she is very artistic and crafty, and when I first moved to the area, she had holiday craft sales in her home every fall. This one has a wax head and arms, and I have to use care in storing her, so she won't get too warm and melt.

This pale pink rose, which I washed out with the flash, was blooming on December 10 th, just outside mr. kenju's doctor's office. We had a long streak of very warm weather about that time, and shortly after this was taken, the temperatures plunged. I thought of the intrepid blossom, and wondered if it had shrivelled. It was nice to discover this flower blooming out of season.


David said...

you are blessed to have such rich memories encased in your beloved ornamentation

happy new year

Seamus said...

Nice to see these last vestiges of Christmas. We've been taking all ours down this weekend!

BTW, I put the gallery link in the post, but it's also in my sidebar. :)

Raggedy said...

Wow a December rose! Beautiful!
Your small tree is lovely.
The gilded angels are so special! Beautiful memories!
Happy New Year!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huggles
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

PI said...

Honey I think those decorations are perfect. Why gild the lily?
I have to tell you we have a product called Flash which is a strong cleaning agent and I had visions of you physically cleaning the rose. Then I saw the light. (pardon the pun)

Jean said...

You certainly weren't lazy this Christmas, decorating the rest of the world that you touch. Your personal decors are lovely.

When a fast freeze happens as we had this past week, the open roses just freeze dry on the bush and hang there for a long time, in my experience. I picked all I could find for a Christmas bouquet.

Changes in the wind said...

The angel is beautiful but I would have a hard time here in AZ. to keep it from melting.

Bob-kat said...

Those decoration look lovely. I especially like the little trees and angels by your window :)

It's nice to look back on your Christmas decorations once they have been put away for another year.I have just posted about the same thing and I have enjoyed seeing yours. said...

Judy, I just can't shake the sneaking suspicion that the Christmas card is the perspective of an assassin hiding in a tree branch outside the Governor's Mansion.

JeanMac said...

We did the "big tree" thing b/c we had lots of company coming- I could be happy with the small trees. It's just so nice and easy when time to take them down.
I love that rose - seems so touching.

Marty said...

The shoemakers kids have no shoes. The decorator's house has no tree. I wish I hadn't decorated. It's never as fun to take it all down, which is what I should be doing right this second.

rosemary said...

I had a tree about the same size and just a few little things I had tucked away throughout the house as well. No big laadeeda this year. Lovely rose...heat spell sounds really good right now.

Awareness said...

beautiful photos.....and I also caught up on some of your other Christmas/ New Year's posts.

Loved your kissing balls. :)

Did you ever see the skit on Saturday Night Live (they replay it every year in their Christmas special) with Alec Baldwin playing a baker named Mr. Schweatie and is interviewed by two women playing low key Public Radio hosts? Mr. Schweatie is famous for his chocolate Christmas Schweatie balls? OMG, it is the funniest skit ever! We laugh until the tears come every time we see it...........they play the skit in such a low key public radio way...

Carolyn said...

The gilded angels are lovely and what a memento to carry of your mother! Your decorations are all just beautiful, Judy.

And btw, if you should ever consider more matching brown marble pieces to go w/that taller piece, let me know ;)

Laura said...

The gilded angels are just gorgeous! And after all you've been through lately, I think that tree is just plenty! It's beautiful, and very much reflective of the season.
Here's to more roses that surprise you in the winter!

Shephard said...

Our roses were going strong in December. Good month for them out here... maybe that's why they do the Rose Parade in December? :)

Omykiss said...

I love that rose ... so natural against all the artificial christmasy stuff.

Happy new year kenju

Crimson said...

Your home is such a treasure trove. I love seeing pictures!

Jamie Dawn said...

I have a feeling your house looked really nice for the Christmas season even if you didn't go all out this year.
The few things you had on display are lovely.
Those angels your friend from Charleston made are priceless.

Carmi said...

I love how each one has a story and a history. And that you remember them all so vividly. These are the pieces that make a full and complete life. Few can illustrate them as well as you.

Hope 2008 is a good one for you and Mr. Kenju. That's my prayer for you both.