Thursday, December 6

Tag.....You're It!

Another meme, and the rules are as follows:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Maya's Granny tagged me for this meme; one I think I did last year on my old blog, when it was six random or weird things. Will it spread to eight things next year? LOL. Okay, here goes:

1. As a very young child, I bit my nails terribly. I am reminded of that tonight because I have two thumbnails now that look as if they've been nibbled on by beavers. After the summer's fiasco with fake nails, mine had begun to blossom again, and most of them are 1/4" long. I broke both thumbnails this week while trying to open boxes, one of them clear into the quick (as we say) and bloody. Ouch. I hate having ugly nails.
2. I don't trust people who don't like animals. If you don't like them, you had better keep it a secret from me.
3. I'm not a very patient caregiver. That has become clear after the last four months of mr. kenju's stroke and the aftermath. I admire greatly people who can give selflessly for any amount of time and do it with grace and humor. I am apparently not one of them.
4. I am neat to the point of being compulsive (but not obsessive). I can handle a bit of dust, as long as everything is in its appointed place. I rearrange things in my home frequently (not furniture, but small accessories). When I have decided where things will stay for the time being, I don't want anyone to move them. And I can tell if they have been moved!
5. A blog post I wrote in 2005 was published in a section of our local newspaper on the 30th of November. They asked for submissions for a column they call Fifth Friday; I sent in that post and while I was working at the Gov's Mansion last week, they called and told me it had been chosen. Other than a few letters to the editor, I have never had anything published before, so that was quite a pleasant surprise. Oops, that wasn't true. When I was in school, I wrote a short poem that was selected for a book of poetry written by school children all over the US. (And no, I don't remember what it was.)
6. My youngest grandchild is going to be eight this month.......and I need a new baby to hold. I wish I could say that it is a possibility in the near future, but I think I will have to be very patient to get that wish! A baby feeds my soul and gives me hope, and my soul is in great need of that at present.
7. If you have read here for even a short while, you know that I am a pack rat. Faced with the prospect of cleaning out years of accumulation (ours, my parent's and my aunt's), I grow weak in the knees. That being said, you should know that I have had somewhere around six garage sales over the last 30 years - and we still have enough stuff to fill two small houses and several booths in an antique mall. That's what I ought to do - rent a booth in an antique mall and sell all this accumulated junque. Then we could move to a smaller home without having to lay out the national debt to pay for the moving van!
If you have any inkling you'd like to do this meme, feel free to steal it. I am tagging these people, although I know during the holidays is not the easiest time to be writing memes. I won't be mad if you demur: Angie, Badaunt, Carolyn, Mahala, Naomi, Star, Badabing, Dotty Pants
Oops - that's eight people!


Janet said...

I don't trust people who don't like animals either...

Congrats on getting published...again!

Hi, Michele sent me :-)

sage said...

Congratulations on getting published!

colleen said...

I think I did this -- this year or last. Getting published -- that's what happens when you blog! I think a grandchild is in my near future. Michele spun me in this direction tonight.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I understand all of your 7, my dear....And as you know, I am filling dumpsters right now and having the Shredder Truck come on by on December 17th...My LIFE is this peroject...And it is depressing as hell! I know everyone says..OH you will feel so good when you are done...Well, I should feel good NOW! I have over 12 File Boxes full of stuff..NOT including what is in those dumpsters, and MORE TO COME.....
So...All this is by way of saying. I probably won't do this meme soon....In fact I may not do anything with my blog, soon....LOL!

But, I will do it, eventually!
You know Judy, I did all this in 1984...And FILLED 8 small dumpsters and a HUGE HUMONGOUS one, too...And here it is, almost 24 years later, and I feel weighted down by my STUFF in a way I cannot even put into words. Part of it is I am just that much older, you know? And it ALL gets harder and harder to do...I wish you great good luck with what you are considering doing....It is not easy...well, I should say, it is not easy for me. And I have been ruthless! (Maybe that's why I am So Depressed!....OY)

Maya's Granny said...

Congratulations on getting published.

Seamus said...

I have to agree on not trusting anyone who doesn't like animals!

Congrats on getting published! Next, the New Yorker! :)

Karen said...

Hi Judy! I haven't been here in a while. I hope that Mr. Kenju is doing well in his recovery. I trust he is, even if you aren't a patient caregiver. (I'm not either and just said so yesterday!)

Hope all is well. Michele sent me your way this morning. Have a great day!

Changes in the wind is said...

Thank you for sharing:) I really enjoyed getting to know you better.
You need not feel alone with too much stuff, think it is an American epidemic:)

Carolyn said...

Those sound pretty good things to me Judy. I'll get to mine soon. Shouldn't have too much trouble with 7 weird things about me, lol!

Opal said...

It's great that you were published!

I totally agree with you about people who don't like animals. When I find this out about a person, I like them less.

I'd love to be neat, but I too am a pack-rat. How do you do it? I just can't make myself throw stuff away, and it's making me a crazy person.

I really love your blog and check it daily.

kenju said...

Thanks, Opal! I appreciate it.

Bob-kat said...

Just catching up with my blog friends in between work and study!

Those are great random fact and I am totally with you on #2 and 3 in particular. All I cna say is, me too!

craziequeen said...

I don't trust people who don't like animals either...

I think I have been published, I submitted a story to one of Max's (well, Thumper's) books...

Michele sent me to sy hi, Judy and hope everyone is well in your part of the world.


Paul said...

Whew!! Escaped another one. I'm dreaming up a Meme for future use. I might tag you then--specially since you have a nifty camera. We'll see.

Hey, thanks for being such a faithful visitor to my Hats blog. How 'bout a picture of you in one of your six remaining hats? Pleeeeeeeze!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Breaking a nail down to the quick had to really, really hurt!! It makes me shiver just thinking of it.

Congrats on getting one of your blog posts published. I think that is super!!!

I like animals, so you can still like me.

I like things neat too and in their place. We are soul sisters when it comes to that.
I'm not a pack rat, so we aren't soul sisters in that dept.

Badaunt said...

It's done! It's not quite random (I think your fingernails inspired me) and certainly not weird (moi?) but good enough!

I'm with you on the packrat tendencies. However, the way I look at it I do not have a problem. The HOUSE has a problem. It is too small. :-)

badabing said...

Gee...I've never been tagged before. Not sure if I can even think of seven things about myself, but I'll give it a try this week.

And congrats on getting published.