Thursday, December 6

No pics this time..but a few quotes....

I thought I'd have new pics to show you tonight, but we had to clear out quickly today and there wasn't enough time to take any. That was my last decorating job, too. (Woohoo!!). Someone said in a comment or email yesterday that he'd like to see my tree at home. This year, there won't be one; at least not a heavily decorated one. We are down-playing it at home this year, since we aren't having any parties and we are going away for our family Christmas celebration. Hence, the decorations will stay in the attic for another year and I can get the rest I need before my next events - a rehearsal dinner and wedding on the 28th and 29th. I am already beginning to regret taking those on; the week after Christmas is usually reserved for taking down all the decor we put up in the last two weeks.

The more fully one accepts and honors life in the present, the more easily and beautifully does it flow towards the future.

The art of happy, beautiful living, is living according to Nature's laws, in harmony with that subtle universal order into which all things must inevitably ascend. When a man is in that state of harmony, he is at peace with himself and with others; he becomes a channel for those forces which will create peace and happiness for all.

The world may be dull; if so, you must brighten it by your presence.
All by N. Sri Ram


PI said...

Judy I'm right with you as far as leaving the decorations packed away as we also are away and I'm thankful for less work. With age comes common sense I believe. I've spent the whole evening doing cards and only made a small hole in them - to say nothing of the letters. still I'm very grateful not to have to be doing Christmas and enjoying it with family. You and Mr Kenju certainly deserve an easy one this year.
Michele says hi!

Jennifer said...

I don't blame you for downplaying it at home this year after spending your time making half of Raleigh utterly gorgeous.

Here's hoping these next few days bring you plenty of moments in which to do nothing but just breathe.

Beverly said...

I'm glad you have some time to get rested up before your next big endeavor. Since we're doing Christmas here in Virginia, I'm not sure my tree is going up either. I do have a few things out, but not very many. said...

Judy, you are a whirlwind. Try to make some Judy-time somewhere in all the activity.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These are all quite wonderful Judy...!
As far as decorating this year? I am not sure I will get to it ,yself, what with all this cleaning out if papers and stuff...! You know Jusy, I shredded about 6 or 7 bags full of stuff and realized it would take me MONTHS to get through it all, myself with my little sturdy Shredder....I found that SOOOO depressing that I knew I had to find another way to do all this....Thus: SOUTHLAND SHREDDING! (That's the name of the place that is doing my "stuff"...and THAT has galvanizef me to get out even more papers....! It is something to consider if you have a LOT of papers....And I do, with all the playwriting I have done over the years! Many drafts of many plays...Some stuff I haven't looked at in almost 20 years!!!!

Anyway, my dear....I hope your Holidays will be lovely and RESTFUL! (lol) No more decorating than absolutely needed! Good Luck, my dear!

Seamus said...

There have been several years that we've left most of our decorations in the storeroom because we were gone for most of the season.
Hope you find some time to catch your breath.

Diane Mandy said...

All beautiful quotes again, Judy!

Anne said...

Last year we almost went without putting up a tree but my daughter was sad about that decision so we bought a fake one the week before Christmas and put it up. We usually put up a tree and don't usually host any gatherings so it's just for us.

WordWhiz said...

Nice quotes...although I like the photos too!

Hope you are well. Thinking of you.

joared said...

I won't be decorating much this year either. Doesn't seem quite as important as it once did. Enjoy seeing what other do and the decorating pictures you've had here.

Jamie Dawn said...

Brightening the world with one's presence is somethiing everyone should try to do. Especially at this time of year.
May YOUR days be merry & bright, Kenju!!

You really do need to rest from now until your upcoming job. I can understand why you chose not to go all out decorating your own house this year.