Monday, October 29

Drama, Drama Everywhere -

(This is not my photo.)

and me without a camera!

Today as I was returning home from church, I turned a corner to see a young hawk and a crow having an "I'm bigger than you are" contest over a dead squirrel in the middle of the street. They faced off with what could be described as a "hands on hips" pose - each reluctant to cede the booty. As I coasted to a full stop, determined to see it play out - the crow flew off into the woods and I could swear his head was hanging down in defeat. The hawk stood with his wings protectively outstretched; not fully opened, but just enough to say "This one is mine!"

My next-door-neighbor, on his daily walk, approached from the opposite direction, and the hawk grudgingly flew up into the trees at the edge of the road, watching to see who might try to steal his prize. I drove on slowly, straddling the squirrel, and rolled down the window to marvel with my neighbor at the stand-off we had just witnessed. We both felt privileged to have seen it, and as I drove on home, I wished I could have seen what happened afterward.

See what you missed because I didn't have my camera?

Now, since I couldn't show you my hawk, I'm doing you a favor. Go here and read this funny, funny man - and tell him kenju sent you.


Weary Hag said...

I hate being caught without my camera.
Doesn't it kill you to think of all the moments-in-time we've missed capturing back in our youth? (or should I say 'yoot' in my native tongue?)

Fun story though!

November Rain said...

sadly the best pictures happen when you dont have your camera