Friday, October 5

Bloggy Dreams

I guess when you start dreaming about bloggers, you're really hooked, huh? Two nights ago, I woke at 4:something in the morning, and remembered a dream I was having. I said to myself, "You better write that one down, otherwise you'll forget it."
After a trip to the bathroom, I got back into bed and promptly forgot to write about the dream. I went back to sleep, and when I woke up around 7:30 am, I remembered another dream, that appeared to be a continuation of the first one, even though they were (or seemed to be) hours apart. As I wrote down the second one, I remembered the first.
One involved Angie, whose blog I have been reading for a couple of years now (even though I can't seem to see any of her photos anymore). In the dream, I was attending a convention in a city I think was Virginia Beach. I left a building and entered one next to it, which had apartments that were all open, like the rooms in a doll's house. I saw Angie, her husband, their baby son, and two people who in the dream were her parents, but are not in real life. Her other children (girls) were not in the dream. Angie was doing some crewel embroidery on what would be either a wall hanging or bedpread, and it was beautiful. She is a very crafty person, but I don't know if crewel is one of her arts.
Even odder is that her baby boy was making a crewel pillow cover, and he was very good at it, despite his being only 2 years old. He was smiling and showing it off to the on-lookers, and very proud of himself. I was amazed at his abilities. There were hundreds of other people milling about, looking at Angie and her family, but I knew none of them, except I somehow knew that they were all bloggers too. I told her that I wish I had known that she was there yesterday, since I had spent 4 hours at the bar next door, with people I cared little about.
In the second part of the dream, I am still in Virginia Beach, but I am in my car, driving back from a visit to another friend. I knew the route, but I missed my turn. It was a highway where six or more lanes are side by side; some of them shoot off to the left and some of them shoot off to the right. Some go down under the other roads and some go up and over the main roads. I veered off to the far left, and I immediately knew that it was the wrong lane, and I had NO idea where to go or how to get back to my original destination. I stopped to ask directions, and I was told to go to the train station and they would tell me what to do. At the station, I was told I would have to go to Baltimore on the train and then drive back to (what I thought was) Virginia Beach. They also said that I would have a hard time getting a ticket, but I don't know why. I had a $100 bill, but it was different from a legal bill, being "taller" than ours. It also had the words Charleston, WV in the upper left corner. I tried to use that bill to buy my ticket, but was told that none were available. I said..."But I'm 66 years old!" and the agent said..."Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?" and somehow I got my ticket and was about to board the train. Then my alarm went off and I woke up.
Any ideas about what it means? I can tell you that I have no connection to Baltimore (that I know of) and that the highway with all the lanes veering off is not new to me, as I have dreamed about that before. But in those other dreams, I did get into the correct lane.


Beverly said...

What DID you have to eat before bed???!!!

carli said...

Dreams are so freaking weird. I dreamed a few weeks ago that a childhood friend had been arrested. Then I met someone out of the blue last week who knows her, and it turns out she just had a baby.

Here from Michele.

surcie said...

Wow -- I don't think I've ever had a dream that was a continuation of another one. I'm sure it means something! Wish I could tell you what.

Have a happy weekend!

WendyWings said...

I think it means you should never eat blue cheese and olives just before bed lol.
Michele sent me, glad to be back.

kenju said...

Blue cheese? NEVER! LOL I hate it.

Inanna said...

I can tell you that dreams of driving represent your life's path. I used to have a reoccuring nightmare which involved driving - this is something I have studied. Taking the wrong turn or being in the wrong lane means just that - you're taking a wrong turn or the wrong path to achieve what you want and are being too easily influenced by others around you instead of following your own "directions."

Emboidery symbolizes making the best of what life offers you and probably indicates you have been this way from birth.

Riding a train has the same meaning as driving, although it is seen as a more romantic notion. I would suspect that you are trying to make a decision, the "right" decision, and find yourself going in circles and asking for a lot of advice, when instead you should be following your gut feelings about attending to family members (signified by the money in your dream) or simply pull off the highway, get your bearings, and proceed when ready.

That'll be $10. :-)

Fran said...

I'm not "good" at interpreting dreams though I have been in dream groups off and on. I greatly admire the work of Jeremy Fox--and the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach (Edgar Cayce) is where I first began to take my dreams seriously.

If we are all the people in our dream, which is classically believed, I'd probably start to place myself in the dream. You are thinking of moving and you did say you wanted to go where there was water, didn't you? Virginia Beach sure has that. I would strongly recommend you consider looking there. I have friends there and can put you in touch if you like.

Claude said...

What an interesting dream! I never remember any dream I have. I'm sure I dream like everyone else, but must sleep too deep to be able to remember anything. Or maybe I don't have much of an inner life ;)

.:mar said...

You definitely need some help...
Just kidding! Interesting dreams although I have no idea about their meanings...I seldom remember my dreams.

Angie said...

I had made notes just a week or so ago about a dream I had and it was loaded with bloggers and you were one of them. Funny how you would dream about me just a week later. I was intending to post about it but I had forgotten about it until reading this! I am very flattered. LOL I don't think I have ever been the main character of a dream before that wasn't my own dreams. I haven't done crewel in a long time. I do think it is supposed to be a symbol of something good. Perhaps the dream is telling you the next time you come to Va or head to Baltimore you are supposed to stop by my house for a visit. :)

Lapa said...





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Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon.

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kenju said...

FRAN: I don't know about Fox, but mr. kenju and I are Life Members of the ARE, and we have been there many times.

yellojkt said...

I quit telling my wife my dreams because they were so strange. Can't say I have started dreaming about other bloggers.

sage said...

I've recently read a couple of folks blogs about dreaming about other bloggers--in one case about a blogger that has never shown his picture... Interesting

Carolyn said...

I've tried to picture what other bloggers look like but only when I'm awake. I can see though how that might lead to a dream about them.

Sorry I've not visited in a while-- pc virus. I hope Mr. Kenju is doing better and all is well :)


gemma said...

Funny you should mention dreams. My husband will often turn the radio on late at night if he wakes up and has trouble falling asleep. It puts him to sleep. Unfortunately it occasionally wakes me up. The other night he had on a program called Coast to Coast. There are always unusual guests on like UFO abductees or people who have lived with BigFoot or . . you know. The other night a fellow who specializes in dreams and interpreting them was on. His name is Robert Moss and he has a website. I found it by Googling his name. Maybe he will have a hint or two.

Thanks for stopping by, by the way. You are so nice to always comment when you do. You are training me to do the same. It's kind of like sending a thank you note and I appreciate your guidance.

Jamie Dawn said...

That is one talented baby!!
I guess saying "I'm 66 years old" is the magic password.
Dreams are so weird, and it's funny how serious they seem when we are dreaming them.
Later, when we recall them, we wonder why we didn't realize their ridiculousness.

Beverly said...

I love this post. I dreamed once about Roxanne's brother. I have no idea what brought that on. As a result, she sent me a CD of his music...wonderful.

Every time I see Beverly's name in the comment section, I think to myself, "Did I already comment?" Then I realize there are other Beverly's in the world. LOL

PI said...

It means you had too much cheese at supper time. And what is this four hours in a bar young lady. I can see I shall have to keep my eye on you.
Michele joins me in saying have a restful week-end and no bars or cheese:) said...

What it all boils down to is you can get everything you want if you're 66! ;-) Including train tickets!

vicki said...

So you dream about the blogger who makes an esthetically beautiful life, with seeming ease at a time when you, who also make lives more beautiful with your life craft, are having a rougher time and everything isn't going so smoothly. Then you're trying to get somewhere but you get slowed down by obstacles. Finally you offer up a sign of weakness and you get a pass.Remembering one of your recent posts where you said I'm not always strong in this endeavor and I love the help of my neighbors who bring food.

This dream is your life, Judy. Reality and wish. You're welcome, There will be no charge, first session is free.

Bud said...

I sent your blog to a friend of mine who teaches a dream course at Sandhills community college. Hope you hear from her. I am always lost in my dreams and out--think I will do an entry on that.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They say, it is not so much the content of the dream but how it made you "feel" that is more important....So I don't have a clue, (lol) except I wondered if the problems caused you anxiety or frustration...not being able to get where you wanted to go, etc...Just a thought,my dear.
I am amazh detail about that first one after having the second..That is fantastic!

vicki said...

Lol- it never occurred to me that it was your age; I was thinking more that you have been feeling vulnerable given your circumstances of late. 66 adds strength points!

Shephard said...

My mom has similar themes in her dreams, where she gets lost in airports, and doesn't know which way to go or how to get to her plane.
~S :)