Sunday, September 9

Are you tired of them yet?

Big doin's today. Miss Kenju and my granddaughter and I are going to get our nails done, after we drop brother kenju off at the hospital.
Progress continues, but it is slow and hard to see if you don't know what to look for. Miss kenju was prepared to bring in an Italian dinner last night for everyone, but disparate arrival schedules and mr. kenju made that unnecessary. He was afraid that if he didn't eat all the dinner they bring to him, that they would think there was something wrong with him and wouldn't let him come home this week. All he had to do was tell the nurses that his family was providing food - but he didn't want to make waves - as he said. Poor guy is still scared of them.....LOL.
One thing I fear now is that when he comes home, he will expect me to be at his beck and call, just like the nurses and techs have been for the last 3 weeks. Fat chance. I will respond, of course, but he will need to learn quickly that meals will be served at my convenience, not at the whims of his stomach. He is used to the hospital schedule now: 7am, noon, 5pm. My schedule will be more like 8am, 1pm, 6+pm, but on the days I work, all bets are off.
My kitties will be happy to see the household return to some semblance of normalcy. They have been puzzled by his absence, and also upset by it. Storm never left his side in the six days prior to his going to the hospital, after he had the stroke. Now she looks around the house as if she expects to find him. Last night, when we arrived home with brother kenju in tow, she walked across his lap several times, which she has never done before. Maybe she thought mr. kenju had come home at last, albeit a shorter, more stocky version of him....LOL
(Let me know if you are tired of the gas stations. I think there are five more to post.)


ET said...

Keep on pumpin' in!

gautami tripathy said...

I like the gas stations. Keep posting!

Glad Michele sent me here to look at those photos.

Carolyn said...

I love these photo's. The 2nd one down could be a mini of my house- sort of, lol! I recall similar ones of these around here when I was a kid too.

You could keep Mr. Kenju filled up w/cornflakes like his roommate when he comes home, lol!

Claude said...

Keep them coming. I like them.
I like getting good news of Mr Kenju too! ;)

gautami tripathy said...

In my last post I forgot to mention,left out the kitties and Mr. Kenju.Hene I was sent back here by Michele.

I am glad about Mr Kenju coming back from hospital and the kitties too.

For you too..:D

Nancy said...

Don't run out of gas now, Judy. I love those stations. I look at them over and over again and remember my Dad and me driving around in the 1930's.

My Dad was a very bad driver and I was the only one who would willingly get in the car with him, so it was usually the two of us who pulled into the gas station, and it almost always looked very much like the ones in your pictures.

As my husband and I drive down Interstate 95 theses days, I can just picture my Dad keeping up with some of those drivers. He would be traumatized. His 1929 Chevy would be eaten alive by one Ford F250.

Hello to Mr K. Keep up the good work.....

Beverly said...

Those photos are so great! I look forward to seeing them.

You are going to need a lot of patience with your patient. I'm glad he'll be coming home soon, but I do hope that things will go smoothly for you both.

Chancy said...

I like seeing the photos of the"filling stations"

Here's wishing Mr K all the best and a quick recovery after he gets home.

Paul said...

No, I'm not tired of them yet. Keep 'em coming.

And thanks!

tiff said...

Keep the gas stations coming! I'm a big history buff, insofar as I like old stuff, and do wish that there were more of these places still in operation, rather than the convenicen store/pump yer own places wer have now. Ah well.

Good to know that Mr K is making progress. What's to say he can't get his OWN goodies once he comes home? A pantry full of easy to grab and easy to eat snacies might satisfy him and give him a measure of independence too.

All the best!

Jamie Dawn said...

The gas station photos are marvelous!!
I'm a sucker for nostalgia - especially photos and movies from before my time. I love movies set in the 1800's the most. Old photos from the early to mid 1900's fascinate me too. I love to hear my dad talk about the golden age of the 50's.
Examining the pics you've posted is a delight!
I like to pretend I'm living in that era, driving up to the pump, and chatting with the kind service station attendant.
I don't blame Mr. Kenju for being a bit paranoid about having something keep him there longer than needed. I'm sure he's itching to come home, even if your services won't be as prompt as the hospital's. You'll keep him fed and cared for when he comes home. He may have to wait for his supper, but he will survive. :-)

Kay Dennison said...

Love the gas stations! That you manage to post is a miracle. I just hope you are taking care of you. It's important to Mr. Kenju's recovery, too.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thanks for the pix and the update! I know you will ALL be happy when mr kenju comes home.

michelle said...

i love the gas stations! michele sent me

Reflekshins said...

enjoy the gas stations
and pleased to hear that Mr. Kenju will be coming home soon

vicki said...

They're great- and remind me of a photo I took of an old gas station in the far corner of the Yukon a few years ago. I'll look for it and pass it on.

I am always thinking of you and Mr. Kenju. I have such admiration for your steady and sturdy approach to all of this. I laughed and cried a bit thinking of you eating your perch dinner and falling asleep- and I thought, "you go girl!"

As hard as it is, family has rallied and Mr. Kenju seems to have a better understanding of his health issues. It's often so hard for men to find a balance between independence and dependence (mothers must do that to them, right? ;-)- This coming week will be an important one for both of you as you come to a meeting of the minds around changes in your respective lifestyles.

Hang in there, Judy. Take extra special care of yourself and let others, even Mr. K., do that too, as they can. Fond thoughts and lots of prayers.

vicki said...

P.S. Your strength and wisdom are everywhere! I loved the sad little parking lot story...thanks for that one.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I never tire of the gas stations, Judy..I LOVE THEM! There is something so fascinating to me about gas stations... buildings that go with them were so much more interesting 'back in the day'....So, for me, you could post 25 more!

Glad to read the Mr. Kenju is doing so well that he will be coming home next week. "Storm" sounds like he is very lobely for Mr. Kenju...I know he will be ecstatic to have him back home...!

mar said...

Love every one of this pictures and it is a nice way for you to save them right here!
Glad to hear Mr kenju will be home soon, that will save you all those trips to the hospital and I am sure you will handle this patient very well!! take care of yourself.
Loved Carolyn's cornflakes tip!

Shephard said...

I like the corner gas station with the fun gothic shapes.