Friday, August 3

What's in Your Kitchen?

Here are my dustcatchers. What do yours look like?

I want you to know I didn't buy any of these old tins. Every one of them resided in my mother's kitchen cabinets, and when she died and I cleaned out her house, I couldn't bear to part with something already so old!

I have probably shown you some of this stuff on Just Ask Judy. I can't remember. I started collecting carved wooden figures about 25 years ago. These make me smile. The bottle of Glyco-Thymoline is one I gave my mother back in the 70's. If you can find it (usually in health-food stores, or wherever they sell new-age remedies) it is the very best thing for mucous and post-nasal drip. Gargle with this stuff and you'll be amazed at what it can do. It's good for sunburn and a whole host of other things, too.

This old lady's eyes appear to be following you around the room. It sort of freaks me out, so she sits high on a shelf so I don't notice it so much.

After procrastinating for 10-12 years, I have decided that come January, I am removing that ugly old wallpaper, come hell or high water. Want to come and help?


BreadBox said...

Judy, the wallpaper is not *that* bad -- it just seems it to you since you have to live with it! To me, since I don't have to look at it, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it!

We redid our kitchen two years ago and threw out lots of things -- so we don't really have any artifacts like those!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I remember seeing those WONDERFUL tins before Judy...I wouldn't have been able to throw them out either...But I am amazed they are in such great shape...They look like "new"...And are truly special.

Marty: said...

I love your dustcatchers. I have a collection of old fashioned bottles sitting on top of my cupboards, and blue and white pottery on the other side. I love them. They feel like an extension of myself. Kind of like kids that never grow up, mess up, or talk back...just add color. When I realized the wall paper in the old kitchen would need to be removed, I moved instead. It was less trouble to pack up 17 years of stuff, and hire a moving van than tackle the wall paper steamer. Good luck!

sage said...

Judy, looks like you need to check the expiration dates on the products in your kitchen counters. :)

panthergirl said...

Oh I love that stuff!!!! I wish I had kept some of my father's things. He had Gold Dust, and kept the old carton for years. Things like Boraxo, Heet... so many old products. Working in package design, I have a real love for these things. Thanks for sharing!

Yaeli said...

Hi Judy!
I can't believe your mother used to keep boric acid in the kitchen!!!
You do have a lovely collection of tins though.
Michele sent me today.

Mahala said...

I've never had to remove wallpaper, it sounds like a huge task.

BreadBox said...

Glyco-thymoline: what a wonderful name: it sounds like something out of a light-hearted Isaac Asimov short story: "The properties of Glyco-thymoline - or how Hari Seldon finally mixed the wrong drinks"... or some such...

Michele sent me. She always sends me:-)

Crimson said...

My dustcatchers look just like yours! You must have great taste. =)

Bob-kat said...

Those old tins are fascinating! There used to be a collection in the UK called the Robert Opie collection adn it was thousands of old tins and packets. Yours is like a mini collection :)

Thanks for you well wishes for my mu. We are still waiting for news but so far no change.

Michele sent me to see you this time!

Nancy said...


Good luck in January with your wallpaper removal.
I have lived in this same house for 42 years and had the same paperhanger for years. He always thought it was okay to put one layer of paper over the other so that is exactly what we did.
Every few years we papered over the old paper.
So, last year I got a new paperhanger who fainted when I told him what we had done all these years.
When he and his helpers began removing layers of paper, it was like an archeological dig.
"Oh, yes, I remember that paper, that's the year Carol got married. And there,that blue stripe, that's when Jerry graduated." And so on and on.
It was the best fun and my whole life story was told as layer after layer of wallpaper was stripped away and memories came flooding back with each new discovery.By this time the workers could no longer walk,being up to their waist in torn down wallpaper.
When they thought I wasn't looking they would poke each other in the ribs and point to the terrible choices of paper I had made in the past.
I hope you have half as much fun as we did,Judy.

kenju said...

Nancy, thank God I know there is only one layer of paper on this kitchen. I put it on 25 years ago, and I had removed the previous paper beforehand!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I will be cheering you on from the sidelines. You *know* how much paper removal I've done this summer. I swear by the Dif liquid for easy removal.

Carolyn said...

I still have empty cabinets in my kitchen, lol!!

I really like those wooden figures.

No_Newz said...

Just one more thing we have in common. I love all the old timey packaging and have several product tins too. :)
Yours are VERY cool! Have a great weekend!

Mike said...

I like your figurines especially the old women. I also agree that you better check on the expiration dates before you use any of those products lol.

Michele sent me.

rosemary said...

Your collectibles are so charming....I love them all.

I am a good wallpaperer taker offer. I have all the tools too. I'll help you.

Paul said...

Hey, that wallpaper isn't so bad. I put up the same pattern many years ago. Took if off not too many years later, though.

It looks like you got several great prizes from your mother's house. So far, all I have is a skinny Alka-Selzer bottle and a tin Band-aid can with a hinged lid.

Good for you!

Dara said...

Love the old woman - looks like the faces we used to carve out of apples and then let them dry into wizened, puckered faces - lol! Thanks for stopping by.

tiff said...

I'll help! Just let me know when, seriously.

Badaunt said...

Those tins are wonderful. I love old tins, and would also collect them if The Man didn't erupt every time I brought something old home from a flea market. (And if we had space...)

carli said...

I like your little wooden family. I wonder if they come alive at night and use that can of Zud.
Zud sounds really cool.
Here from Michele's.

Nikara said...

I'm a lover of 'stuff' like these wonderful tins you have :) The bread box you pictured is also a gem...such beautiful pictures and a bit of interesting period social commentary.
Glad that you 'clicked through' to find my's mainly just a place to get out whatever is brewing in my hear that others find it worth a read is great!