Friday, August 3

Politically Correct?

Mr. kenju didn't attend his college reunion this year, since we were going to the beach for a week around the same time. We found out later that Nancy Pelosi spoke to the group one evening, and the brooch below is what she gave everyone. I wonder what all the Republicans did with theirs? One of them gave me his pin. Now tell me please, where would you suggest I wear this? (I have an idea where to put it...LOL.)

The guy who gave me the pin is a classmate of mr. kenju's who lives south of here. He was here overnight because mr. kenju had invited him to attend a lecture that he had planned at his church, given by a priest who is a well-known authority on astronomy. I have heard him speak, and he is funny and very interesting.

Have you ever known any jocks or former jocks? They are used to people following them around and "brown-nosing" to the maxx. This guy fits that description better than almost anyone I've ever seen. Mr. kenju was a jock, and the guy who was here last night is bound to have jock itch of the nose - even after all these years he still fawns all over him. During a conversation we had this morning, he mentioned that mr. kenju was an "Adonis" during school (and had girls chasing him all over the campus). After the guy left to go back home, I found mr. kenju on the computer, googling Adonis......ROFLMAO!


Somehow, I think they need to mention Americans!


aka_Monty said...

I LOOOOVE that t-shirt!! It's awesome! Except I like mean ol' British chefs like Gordon Ramsay. :D

Hi Kenju, Michele sent me today!!
And it's always a pleasure to be here.

BreadBox said...

Hi Kenju! I've not seen the shirt, but the joke is a familiar one. Certainly we could have extra tasks:
design the railroads? universal healthcare? or a whole bunch of other things we wouldn't want the americans running! But which of the "heaven" ones above would you want the americans taking over? Police? Chefs? None of the things on the list come to mind!

Michele sent me, of course, but I'd have come anyway...

Becky68 said...

Very cute t-shirt!
Lol on the Adonis thing.
I also loved the pictures below of your tin collection.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Star said...

ROFLMAO!, right along with you.

Peter said...

Good Tee-shirt obviously from Europe.

Carmi said...

Hi Judy. Just dropped in from Micheles to let you know this post is NOT mean. Edgy? Certainly. Sharply witty? Absolutely. But not mean.

Just the right thing to bring a literate smile to one's face first thing in the morning.

(Isn't it kinda funny how some people never move beyond their school-age roles and behaviors? Mr. Kenju's old classmate reinforces that. Interesting!

craziequeen said...

That t'shirt joke is a classic here in the UK.....

I'm impressed that Mr Kenju's lifelong 'fan' is still worshipping him [chuckle]

I never had school reunions - thank god!! :-)

Michele sent me to say hi, Judy


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I guess the t-shirt is an "across the pond" exlusive. LOL.

Bob-kat said...

That T-shirt is priceless! LOL! Bless Mr Kenju for having to look up Adonis.

Michele sent me by this time for a smile :)

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Ahh how cute, Mr. Kenju had a friend with a non-gay man crush.

As for the Americans, we are selling the tee-shirt for $15.99 after having them made in china and delivered for $4.95

hello from Michelle

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I like that pin/shirt, too! And I love that Mr. Kenju didn't know what an adonis is....! I say, HOORAY for Mr. Knju!

tiff said...

Wear the pin everywhere. 2007 won't last forever.

Also? The Mr Kenju and Adonis thing is hilarious. Sure is nice to always have new things to learn, isn't it?

Jennifer said...

Seems America is comprised of folks from all those countries and then some, so in a way, we are mentioned. It's the spirit of the letter. :-)

Chancy said...

Great T shirt.

Tell Mr K to just look in the mirror to see the definition of ADONIS.

MissMeliss said...

That t-shirt completely rocks.

Michele sent me, today. h

Shane said...

Ha Ha (Adonis) heh heh -- and only an Adonis would have googled that -- even better.

RE: Pelosi:
As Fred Flinstone would say "Oh Brothhhhhhhherrrrrrrr"
I guess she's gonna drive that Madam Speaker car till it heaves up its engine block (unique souvenir nonetheless)

I missed this blog.
<--------- been studying for the bar exam which I just at the end of July

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

This motto is a real winner, Judy.

Cris said...

What a nice post to start my day with, I'll be back later to read other posts Judy, back to work! And they did not mention us either, hahaha, is this an European thing? Let's make up one for the Americas!