Saturday, August 18

A New Meme

I saw this over at Naomi's...and thought it was fun....Try it yourself and let me know if you do! The game is SCATTERGORIES ... and it's harder than it looks! Here are the rules:

*Use the first letter of your first name to answer each of the questions.
*They MUST be real places, names, things ...NOTHING made up!
*If you can't think of anything, skip it.
You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.
* If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, but you can't use my answers!

My Name: Judy
1. Famous Singer/Band: Jerry Vale, John Lennon, (Tom) Jones. I am sure there are more, but the old brain isn't working so well tonight.

2. 4 letter word: Just: conforming to spiritual law, righteous, equitable, impartial, conformed to the truth.....what I try, and often fail to be.

3. Street: I have never lived on a street that starts with the letter J, but here in Raleigh, the Governor's Mansion is on Jones Street, and I have spent a lot of time there, through the years.

4. Color: There's no color I can think of that starts with J, but how about jewel tones (ruby, sapphire and emerald)?

5. Gifts/Presents: Jewelry, although I like it, a minimum of it is enough for me. I do not require a variety of anything but earrings, and they don't have to be expensive. Jasper, especially what they call picture jasper, makes wonderful pendant necklaces. Jade.....ah, now that's a favorite!! I could use that for color also.

6. Vehicle: Jaguar.....LOL....I have never owned one. I have heard that if you buy a Jag, you should get two of them, so you'll have one to drive while the other is in the repair shop!

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Junk! or Junque! Most souvenirs are junk, aren't they? I have seen some that are better than others, of course.

8. Boy's Name: There are so many; James, John, Jordan, Justin

9. Girl's Name: Jessica or Julianna

10. Movie Title: I can't think of a thing for this one, although I am sure there must be many.

11. Drink: I'm bad at remembering drink names, but juice is always good! Or maybe Java! a perennial favorite!

12. Occupation: Judge? I think that would be a nice prestige and all that, but the pressure to be fair must be stressful, I think. Justice of the Peace? Jurist? All pertaining to the law and all immensely interesting to me.

13. Celebrity: Jennifer Garner: she is from my hometown (Charleston, WV) plus she snagged Ben Affleck and has a very cute daughter!

14. Magazine: Ladie's Home Journal?

15. U.S. City: The only thing that comes to mind now is Johnson City, TN. I suspect that as soon as I publish this, I'll think of some better known ones.

7. Fruit: Juniper berries? Can you eat those? No? How about a jar of juicy jelly or jam in a good fruit flavor?

18. Reason for Being Late To Work: Juggling? Jabbering? Jail? Joints?
I often juggle many tasks, I jabber all the time, but I've never been in jail.....LOL. My joints sometimes don't cooperate with me. Ha! Maybe I'm referring to juke joints......roadhouses or dance halls. None of them has detained me lately.....LOL.

19. Something You Throw Away: Junk......there's that word again. Seems I accumulate a lot of it here.

20. Things You Shout? Jumping Jehosephat!! To be honest, I have never shouted this, but I know of some who have.

21. Cartoon Character: Jerry of Tom and Jerry, one of my favorite cartoons from many moons ago.

I am taking the liberty of adding another category = What you'd like to be. My answer is juvenescent, which means to grow young again (but not too young.....LOL)


Suzz said...

Cute meme, some were easy, others I'll have to think about!

Anna said...

This was very cute Judy! I really liked it. :) I hope that you are doing well and that you have a good week coming up! :)

panthergirl said...

That was fun!!! I used to hear that about Jaguars as well, but they are much better cars now. ;)

LZ Blogger said...

Judy - I was going to use last last name of Z just to make it a challenge... but after I thought about it... I decided I needed my first name LAZY and then I decided with a name like Lazy... I can't do this! ~ So I'll just use my real name Jerry and then I'll just copy all of yours! jb///

Peter said...

Jaws, Jailhouse Blues, Judy.

Tabor said...

When I come back to this blog-world this may be my motivation. Writing is always easier when you have a template! Egad My word verification is codqmpmo!!!

Beverly said...

That's a good one. I'd have to think about some of those.

sage said...

If i was to use my real name, I could just copy yours!

rosemary said...

I'll try writing one down before I post it...I get writer's block big time with meme's. You did great.

Kay Dennison said...

Cute but not with the Letter K! Too dang difficult!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BRAVO, Judy! You did great! I hope the people who come with the letter "J" and want to do this have something left to choose from...LOL!

I actually owned a USED Jag once about 36 years ago...BUT, not for long. As you said..You needed two Jaguars...We also said back then...."It will $100. you to death..." Now that would be at least $1,000, I guess...Though I have also heard it is a better car now. I still think it was the most beautiful car on the road....A glorious shape!

mar said...

I played this too and it was a lot of fun thinking hard to find the right answer!!
Jewel tones, how clever!!oh, and a Jaguar!!
Great answers

Jamie Dawn said...

I thought of jade for #4, then you came up with it yourself in #5.
I saw this meme over at Naomi's also.
I recently saw the movie Catch and Release starring Jennifer Garner. It's a cute movie.

Cris said...

Cute meme, but tough to think of all these things... For movie title I thought of Jurassic Park, Jaws, James and the Giant Peach, Romeo and Juliet :-)

Shephard said...

I'm disappointed that you've never shouted Jumping Jehosephat!! I think you should wait for the perfect opportunity. :)
Juvenescent.. great word!