Monday, June 4

More About Fingernails

(These are not my nails!!)

When I posted that photo of the woman with 3' long nails, I mentioned some of the things I thought she couldn't do. Someone pointed out another problem in the comments, namely, how does she wipe??? EW, I never considered that. But that woman is scary looking on several levels - so that is just the tip of the iceberg with her. If you didn't see that photo, scroll back to the previous post on June 4th.

Another problem for me is being able to hit the keys on my telephones, both cell and land lines without hitting more than one at a time. This morning, I had to use a pencil eraser to retrieve a voice mail message.

On Friday, I am getting nails re-done with a group of local bloggers. You may remember reading here that Tiff named it HIRABA - Highly Irrational Raleigh Area Bloggers Association. I think she changed the "irrational" to something more apropos, but I can't remember what, right now. She decided that we needed to cement our bonds of friendship (I can just see her rolling her eyes as she reads this) over pedicures and manicures, and I think that is the best idea! Maybe next time we can get "couples" massages? LOL - just kidding.

If you are a blogger in the Triangle Area - and would like to join us for this or future events - let me know. We have fun!


Beverly said...

Wipe? LOL. Your group sounds like fun.

Kay Dennison said...

Wish I could join!

Cris said...

That sounds like fun, wish I lived closer. :-)

tiff said...

Heck yes! As a recent convert to pedicures, I'm looking forward to Friday!

rennratt said...

I, too, plan to be there.

However, I plan to simply have my HANDS done.

With PsA, feet/toenails are a little iffy. (Just leave it as 'ewwww').

I can NOT wait!

***For the record, my boss thinks y'all may be my shrinks, or a "grief support" group of some kind. (which you are...)

The original I word was 'irresistible', I think.

And the R (Raleigh) was changed to T (for Triangle) - so others wouldn't feel left out.

I note my desk calendar as "HITABA Meeting" - and leave it at that. Let 'em guess.

Anna said...

So close....but yet so far away! :) Sounds like a great deal of fun there need to get my mom involved!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Judy, I just checked out your previous post...and THOSE NAILS. can she do ANYTHING? It's actually frightening. I love long manicured nails...but these...NO THANK YOU!

Ana said...

Oh my, those long finger nails are freaky.... eeewww!
Hi! My name is Ana and I got here through Cris, from "The Country Patch"! She sent me an e-mail about your meeting around the Triangle Area.
I am in Cary and I have a cooking blog... do I still qualify to meet you? I didn't even know about other triangle area bloggers, and sounds like fun to meet more girls who like to blog too! (and maybe cook too?!!!)
So, when are you actually meeting, and where?

Shephard said...

Funny you'd mention that about that fingernail woman. I just didn't want to mention that, figuring it in poor taste and not a visual anyone wants stuck in their heads. But Ellen DID ask the woman and there was a comical demonstration on Ellen's part with fake fingernails.