Sunday, August 21

My mom and her sister with their father, in the 1940's. I barely knew this man, as he died when I was young. He lived about 100 miles from my parents, and we only visited there once or twice a year. He and my grandmother were divorced, long before it was an acceptable practice and something which my mom was ashamed of all her life. He lived on a large working farm and he was also the principal and only teacher in a one-room school. His six children all went to school there. I think I've mentioned before that he was responsible for mom having a bump on her nose. He could flick a piece of chalk with deadly aim, and every time mom or someone else misbehaved in school, he would flick the chalk to hit them on the nose. She said he never failed to hit his target. I'm sure nowadays he'd be called on the carpet for that, but in the 1910's and '20's, that was never thought about. Don't carp about the furs, please. This was way before anyone ever thought about it being a sin to shoot or trap animals solely for their pelts. I can remember stroking those furs lovingly when I was a youngster, and dreaming of the days when I would be allowed to borrow them. Of course, by the time I was old enough, they were out of style. I did have a "walking suit"  (remember those?) with a fox-dyed lynx collar. It was spectacular! I loved wearing it, even though its marigold yellow color elicited a snarky comment from a woman I knew...."Isn't that the color they make hunters wear so they can be seen in the woods?"

This is a cartoon for a calling card that my mom designed for herself in 1934. She and my dad didn't get married until 1935.    


My brain is much this weekend. I worked over 15 hours in two days and that's a bit much for the old bones (and brain) as I'm finding out. I loved every minute of it, but I just don't bounce back as easily as I used to.


Gilly said...

I loved that photo of your Mother and Aunt - it reminded me so much of two of my aunts, who had furs just like those. One aunt (my favourite one) had a fox fur, with the fox's head hanging down, and I wasn't too keen on that!

As soon as I saw that photo I realised how much I miss my aunts (and my parents, of course) and I felt quite sad.

Hope you are recovering from work. You are right, we don't bounce back to quickly as we get older!

Kay Dennison said...

Wayyyyyyyyyyy cool!!! I remember photos of my Aunt Marion in her fur coat. I thought her soooo elegant!

Dianne said...

that is an amazing photo
and the fashion is so wonderful

hope you have some bounce back time

Pat said...

The only fur that spooked me was one of Gran's with the head still on. When it's bitter I still wear my old mink.
Take it easy. I have to laugh at your failing brain and all those Bingos you get in Lexulous:)

Grannymar said...

Gosh, the memories your Mom, in her costume and matching hat bring back. My mother had a Fox cape and I loved it.

Granny Annie said...

Love those vintage photos. My mother's family pictures all look about the same with lots of fur draped around them. I have an old fox fur that was a great aunts and we put a pink collar on him and named him Randolph. The grandchildren have all taken him for walks (drags) on a leash.

robin andrea said...

Such a great photo and story. I love your mom's calling card too. Quite elegant.

Anonymous said...

Our extended family trapped rabbits and skunks - ate the rabbits, sold the skins from rabbits and skunks - but, we never made anything out of the furs for ourselves. Love your photos!
Cop Car

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE that picture Judy...The Hats--particularly your mothers is very srtlish, isn't it? And her gather looks quite dapper....I wonder where they were going all dressed to-the-nines? He sounds like a rather mean task-master!

Indeed, Furs. I had a fur coat---in fact, it is stil in my closet....And that was waaay before we gave these animals a second thought, I'm ashamed to say...I cannot imagine wearing it ever ever again.

Get some rest, my dear Judy.

Celia said...

What a great photo, I remember my grandmother and her sister dressed to go "to town." Much more elegant than now. My father's mother's parents were divorced too around 1910, as well as being Catholic, so one talked about it either. Another buried family secret.