Friday, June 17

Would it Break Your Face if You Smiled?

A creature of habit, I am, and freely admit it.

I once ate a bowl of Life cereal (sometimes two) every day for ten years before I stopped. Nowadays, I am in the habit of eating in the same drive-through restaurant at least 3-4 times a week. The clerk who takes my money  (I think she must work 24/7 - she is always there) smiled at me once, I believe. The people who hand my food out the window never smile, including the owner/manager of the place. I think I might know why. I order from the "special value" menu, for two reasons. One:  I am cheap, and this meal only costs $3.23. Two: it is just the right amount of food for me;  if I order from the regular menu I am too full (I can't leave a crumb behind, can I?)

Do you think if I ordered from the regular menu I'd get a smile? I may try that one day soon (I'll leave off the fries.)

I ate at another branch of the same restaurant this week and the woman who gave me my food smiled bigger than I've ever seen anyone do it and gave me a resounding "Thank you!"  She made me want to go back there again, even though it is much further from my house than the other place. I almost parked the car and went inside to tell her manager, but I didn't. I should have, and I may do it yet.

Do you have an easy reply for people who show you no smiles? 


Arkansas Patti said...

Oh, I hope you do. Those kind need encouragement.
I usually dazzle them with my best smile and often it startles them into responding. Some just don't budge. Their misfortune, not mine.

Nancy said...

You have touched a nerve with me on this one,Judy.

My associate and I ate lunch in the same restaurant every day for 11 years and every time we entered the place they looked at us as though they had NEVER seen us before. That's not the best part.

The best part is that my friend is diabetic and ate the exact same tuna platter every single time we were in there over all those years.
Tuna and a diet Coke. BUT, every single day for more than a decade the same waitress would take out her pad to write our order down and sometimes she even had a question."Was that Diet Coke you wanted?"

On the day I retired from my job I told her I wouldn't be in anymore and she said,"Oh, do you work around here?"

Thumper said...

I never say anything to non-smilers because I have no idea why they don't smile. It annoys me when my mind is off somewhere else and someone comes up and says "Smile! It can't be that bad!"

Well, yeah... the last time that happened was the day my dad died. Yes, I was out shopping--needed a black blazer for the funeral--and yeah, it could be that bad.

I just assume that someone who looks unhappy has a reason for it...I try to be nice no matter what (don't always succeed) because you never know...

Kay Dennison said...

When I worked for Ma Bell as a L-D operator we were rated on our tone of service and were expected to smile with our voices no matter how we felt or how nasty the customer was so I'm a freak about customer service and don't care how good the food is, I vote with my feet (and wallet) if they aren't pleasant and polite.

Nell Jean said...

I used to eat at the same fast food place almost daily because it was next door to our office.

The young woman who was usually at the cash register always giggled when I gave my order and said, "... and I'm OLD." She knew it meant I qualified for 10% off.

JeanMac said...

I wish I had an answer but I don't -

Celia said...

I don't know what you can say to them but I wonder if they know how great they look when they do smile. Not much service or customer in customer service anymore.

Pat said...

I have to admit that my normal expression is 'slightly worried' so I can't blame other people for not smiling at me. I accept 'gentle concern'.
I am trying to keep a happy smile as the norm but it ain't easy.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I think you would do the manager a favor if you talked to him, Judy. If you couch it just right, it could change their lives.