Tuesday, June 21


I suppose you have noticed that it's been quiet around here lately. I've been at a loss for words (which happens almost never - as some of you know.) Work and play have commanded my attention and both of those make me happy. 

Myrtle Beach was alive and well, and hot as Hades (which I like). The temperatures hovered in the high 90's, but the light breezes and warm water tempered that, and made it not only bearable, but wonderful. The pool water was perfect for me (82* or above) and even the ocean was warm enough for me to go in. That is unusual for June. I don't want to go in the ocean until August most of the time. The Marriott Grande Dunes never disappoints, and this time was no exception. I think that place is the best resort in this section of the Atlantic coastline, including most places on Hilton Head. Their breakfast buffet is among the best (and most extensive) I've seen, and it resembles those we saw in Europe, as they cater to a foreign clientele as well as Americans.

The three days we spent there were made even better by a short visit with a friend from high school, who lives nearby. We were not fast friends back then, but we have become more acquainted at each reunion, and I wish I had known her better when we were in school. Thanks for the drink, Pat!

Now that our vacation is almost over, life, work and family intervenes and playtime is over. The wedding season is in high gear; providing me with all kinds of opportunities to work. The flower shop I worked in last weekend had five weddings plus a large photo shoot for a magazine. It was hectic around there, but also exciting. I only had time to take a few photos, but I'll post them soon. How has your week been?


LL Cool Joe said...

Well at least you are lost for words because real life is so exciting. I've been lost for words because mine is so dull. :D

srp said...

Doctors appointments have resumed after a two week hiatus... sigh.

Nancy said...

You deserved a nice holiday at a lovely resort hotel. You work very hard and do beautiful work and then,best of all, you share your work with us in the form of pictures of flowers we seldom see in real life.

Good for you,Judy. Happy you had fun!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sorry I haven't been around, my dear....Your time at The Hotel sounds quite devine! It's great to get away, isn't it? The water temp sounds Perfect in both Pool and Ocean....!
Your enthusiasm for "work" is really so inspiring---And I know it is because you LOVE what you do...So Important, isn't it?
And you certainly don't seem to be at a loss for words, my dear....lol!

Sparkling Red said...

Very nice! I applaud warm water. There's nothing worse than a freezing cold swimming pool, IMHO.

Arkansas Patti said...

I'm glad you are making time to play.
Isn't it odd how former classmates can become far more important than they were in school. I find often that the men who were nerds or not popular are now brain surgeons or writers that are far more interesting and appealing than their hunky classmates. Gosh, I hope I grew.

Kay Dennison said...

Glad you were able to get some time away -- you needed it.

Millie Garfield said...

I think it was wonderful that you got away for the weekend and had such great weather.

And going into the pool and the OCEAN, can't get much better than that!

I haven't been to the beach in years. There is a pool at my complex in Florida and there's a pool where I live here in Ma.
Going to the beach is a hassle, tough parking so my friends and I take the easy way out and just walk to the pool.

Good that you took off before your "wedding season" starts!

Carmi said...

You handle the work-rush/life balance far better than I ever could, Judy. How do you do it?

(And the Marriott Grande Dunes sounds like a remarkable place to stay. I definitely need more ocean in my life.

Pat said...

That looks a wonderful place to unwind. I was beginning to worry about you - we've a game to finish:)
I'm still catching up after our break and keep thinking it's the weekend.

Peruby said...

My week? I'd like a do-over, please.

Lynn said...

I used to love to go to Myrtle Beach with my (ex) husband - especially North Myrtle Beach. And we loved to go to Calabash for seafood.

Your time there sounds lovely!