Thursday, June 9

Odds and Ends

 A license plate I saw recently:        WSHUWRME

My answer:    not

In our area of NC, we are at twelve straight days  (maybe more) with temperatures above 90*. "This is August weather, Mother Nature, and we don't appreciate being this hot this early in the year, especially when we haven't had rain in at least 10 days. "


I'm working this weekend, so I might not get around to see all of you. 

Question:  Do you trust your computer if it tells you that you have a virus? I clicked on a favorite web-site (Jeff Kay's) a few minutes ago and got a page that said I had five viruses and  that I should click something on that page in order to get rid of them. I have read that sometimes tracking sites will mimic computer security in order to get you to click on something that doesn't remove anything - but ads a virus to your hard-drive. How can you tell when they are legitimate?   (This one purported to be Windows Defender)


ABBY said...

Definitely do not click on any pop up screen that says you have a virus. Close that out as it is trying to put at the very least malware on your computer if not a virus.
I would run my own AV software and check if your are unsure or feel compromised.

Betty said...

Good advice from Abby.

Imagine what July and August are going to be like. I think we're really in for it this year.

Anil P said...

I wouldn't trust pop-up message appearing out of the blue and telling of virus infections.

Safer to trust installed anti-virus software.

JC said...

Unfortunately you can't really trust your pc anymore. These two products are currently the best free protection you can have.

kenju said...

Thanks, JC, I got them.

Ginnie said...

I am loath to open anything that I don't know in my computer. I got that same pop-up once and deleted it as fast as I could.
Yesterday, Judy, we were the one spot in NC that got a cooling rain. I felt very privileged !!

Nance said...

I've seen those fake security pop-ups. Usually there will be a syntax problem or some other giveaway in the language somewhere.

Miserably hot here, too. Lake drying up, river birches shedding yellow leaves on the lawn. Saddest, the bluebirds abandoned their four blue eggs...perhaps thinking they'd missed the seasonal window or that the eggs were pre-baked.

My favorite license plate was on a black corvette in San Diego--getchiks.

Peruby said...

What you saw is "scareware"

Star said...

My husband just spent 2 days restoring his boss' computer after he clicked on a pop up. Don't do it. !! Run your own virus scan .

Granny Annie said...

Those viruses can infect your computer whether you click on them or not. Once they pop up they are in. My Cyberdefender finally got rid of the bug but it wasn't easy.

How was your salad at the neighborhood luncheon?

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Like Abby said. I'm a Mac user and there is a pop up everywhere I go lately and the geeks at my Mac club say never click!