Thursday, April 28

Old Flower Photos

At Carolina Country Club for a party.

North Carolina Museum of Art. Shortly after this arrangement died, the container was stolen from the museum. It had to be an inside job, and I was devastated to lose it. I bought that cachepot at Fitz and Floyd in  the Dallas Mart in the 80's, and hand-carried it back home on the plane. The handles were antelope heads.

For a large corporate party in Greensboro, NC.

For the grand opening of a Pediatric Medical Practice in Raleigh.    


I had hoped to show you some photos I took on Easter Sunday at the Marriott Brunch, but only one of them turned out well. Mr. kenju's lazy eye was lazier than ever, and it is hard to tell where he was looking when I took the shot. Only one eye was on me, and even it was slightly I doubt he'd want me to show that to you!

We are expecting more storms tonight (Wednesday.) There is a tornado watch until 8:00 pm (unless they extend it) and it will be stormy again tomorrow. We need the rain, but this is ridiculous!

I'll be working for the next three days, so visiting may be curtailed. If you are in the path of spring storms, I hope you fare well.


Arkansas Patti said...

Basically I was checking to see if you were all right. Do hope the bad stuff misses you. This has been a bumpy ride. Do take care.

Tabor said...

My next candle light supper I am calling you for the center pieces!

Celia said...

What a spring, stay safe. So many tornadoes and then those terrible fires in Texas. Mother nature is being peculiar and dangerous this spring. Glad you are alright. Gives me the whammies to watch the national weather reports.

tiff said...

Love the arrangements. They are totally contemporary and no matter how old they still steal the scene.

Gilly said...

Do hope you are safe from the storms. They have been on TV over here, though mainly further south, but they look terrible!

Love the arrangements. How do you stop that tall vase in the first photo from falling over with a tall display in it???

Pat said...

Stay safe.