Monday, March 7

"A Vast Burden ...."

I have just read the best quote ever. I found it here in Shephard's blog.

"Almost everybody walks around with a vast burden of imaginary limitations inside his head. While the burden remains, success is as difficult to achieve as the conquest of Mount Everest with a sack of rocks tied to to your back." 
 J.H. Brennan, Irish Author

We all have burdens; some are self-imposed, some we are born with, and some are imposed by others - whether they are aware of it or not. 

The mother who tells her child she's too fat (or too thin), the one who says "You'll never amount to anything...I knew I couldn't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear," ....the child who fails at understanding math in third grade and forever after can't make sense of it due to a mental block. 

Why do we let this happen to us? A 'vast burden of imaginary limitations...." The key word is "imaginary." If it is imaginary in childhood, it should be crystal clear that it was imposed on us, by the time we reach adulthood - or surely by the time we are 50. And yet, so many people I know or have read about are still strapped by those limitations (imaginary or not) in later years. Let's resolve to break free of those limitations and pursue success (in whatever area) with a vengeance born of frustration. Let me know how you do, okay? 


The dentist gave me a good report today  -  YAY!

Seasonal allergies have settled into the kenju home and I am a bundle of itchy eyes and runny nose  -  BOO!

I got the grocery shopping done for the week  -  YAY! Have I told you how much I hate grocery shopping?

Gas prices will be the death of my ability to take off whenever I please. Mr. kenju had his heart set on going to Virginia in March and I was looking forward to seeing SRP again, but due to the recent precipitous rise in gas prices, that won't happen any time soon  -  BOO!


Nancy said...

I know what you mean about the gas prices,Judy.

We are in Florida and will be going back to Pennsylvania week after next and it is going to cost us a fortune in gas to get there.

Sorry about your allergies and hope you feel better soon.

srp said...

Stephen wanted me to come to Salzburg this summer while he is doing a Wagner Festival there. But with the airfare going crazy.. I don't know.

tiff said...

gas price be darned - just go for it.

Remember the QotD. :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Gas prices....blah! It's a shame you have to forgo your trip to Virginia. Hope your allergies are better soon Judy...

Lynn said...

"...a vengeance born of frustration." I like that.

I was never good in math as a child or teenager, or maybe it was just that I didn't enjoy it (still don't) - preferring to have my nose in a book instead.

I struggled with the calculus classes in my first years of college. When I went back as a middle aged adult, I thought I was done with all that since they took all those earned credits from those early years. But then there was Journalism Advanced Research, in which I was going to have to learn to do statistics algebraicly. (sp) I went to the teacher and told her how long it had been since I had done that and I was certain that it was going to be difficult. "No," she said, "I'll help you if you need it." And she did. And I made a 95 on the test. As she dropped it on my desk, she leaned down and whispered, "Highest grade in the class." :)

Tabor said...

Is there some other sacrifice you can make so that you can take your trip? I think we come to accept our limitations as if they are real because we have accepted them so looong ago.

Arkansas Patti said...

How true. Once in my teens, my mother looked at me in shorts and commented that it was a shame I didn't have the Garthside legs. She would never elaborate and quickly dropped it but since then I have always been self conscious about my legs. Today, I am just glad the take me places.
I'd say go for it on your trip. Sure it will cost a bit more, but losing out on such a pleasure has a higher price. Skip a few dinners out before hand to pay the extra.

LL Cool Joe said...

I so agree with that first quotation! I think so often at home, school, work etc we are told we can't do this, we aren't good at that, and believe it. "Imaginary limitations" imposed on us by other people you really shouldn't make that judgement.

Looking to the Stars said...

Loved the quote :) I was told I could never go home again. The house I lived in as a tiny child is here in this city. I have pictures of it but I have never driven over there. I think I'll go for a drive :)

Sorry about your allergies. I battle with sinus problems also and I agree BOO :)

The gas prices suck. What are they trying to do, keep us home (lol)

Grannymar said...

Sorry to hear about those allergies, Elly is always troubled with them and in her case cats cause her her eyes to stream.

As for the imaginary limitations, When I began some craft work in my young days,my mother always told me that I would never finish it. I always did!

Pat said...

The older I get the more burdens I drop. I gave up guilt at 49 for instance and my load is getting lighter. Its not just the dropping of burdens but changing one's attitude to them I think.