Monday, March 14

Quotes from Cayce on Quakes

"Cayce seems to understand earthquakes. Asked about their causes back in 1936, he replied somewhat like a Greek oracle:  'The causes of these....
are movement within the earth, and the cosmic activity of other planetary forces and stars. Their relationships produce or bring about the activities of....the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water..."

A geologist (who was not named in the book) "was rather impressed by this summation, as he had recently come to suspect that just as the moon affected the tides and man, other planets did influence changes in the earth. 'What Cayce said was precisely right: the interplay of rocks, gases, heat and fluid, influenced by gravitational and magnetic forces in the solar system result in subterranean movements that in turn produce earthquakes. Quakes, the geologist stressed, keep recurring where the earth's crust is weakest.

In this geological age, the crust is weakest around the margins of the Pacific Ocean, the great half-circle from New Zealand in the southwest to Cape Horn in the southeast, extending north to Japan and Alaska. In the great area enclosed by this Ring of Fire, in the deepest ocean trenches, the water is forced deep into the crust through earthquake faults, into regions of intense subsurface heat, leading to eruptions.

In 1934, he [Cayce] made his sweeping forecast of earth changes, including breakups in the western U.S., and the sliding of most of Japan into the sea. Already, as the geologist saw it, there has been a blow forming for Japan. As a prelude to a perhaps bigger show, the town of Matsushiro, some 125 miles north of Tokyo, has been shaken, beginning in 1965, by more than 500 tremors a day. Most of the  jolts have been minor...but one day, in the spring of 1966, as the quakes accelerated, local earthquake headquarters received one hundred reports of damage....
Japanese authorities at first attributed the town's 'rock around the clock' to underground volcanic activity, but later ascribed the tremors to a distortion inside the earth, apparently coinciding with Cayce's [prediction of a] shifting axis."

"At best, the geologist saw Japan sitting on a rather flimsy foundation, especially vulnerable to the deep quakes which have been occurring more regularly of late. The highly concentrated population was no help. 'The four main islands - Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu - together with numerous smaller islands are so aligned as to form a slightly bent arc off the eastern fringe of the Asiatic continent," the geologist pointed out. 'Relatively high mountains are located in the center of the islands, with narrow coastal plains supporting the swarming millions....

Along a ninety-mile stretch of the northeast coast of Honshu, the crust is sinking; if it speeds up devastating earthquakes will then occur, with cataclysmic tsunamis, as Japan reacts to the wobbling of the earth from the continuing shift of its axis."

This came from a book published in 1967 - Edgar Cayce- The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn.

There have been many quakes since this was written, but no doubt there was accurate prediction by Cayce as well as the geologist who was quoted. 

Cayce's predictions for earthquake activity; too numerous to go into here, are legion, and include devastation on the west coast of the U.S. and the parts that really scare me have to do with Manhattan, due to a huge fault discovered many years ago starting at 14th street and extending to the end of the Island. For more information, see the book mentioned above, and  this article about Earth Changes.

I know that not all of Cayce's predictions have come true, at least not in the time frame within which he predicted they would happen. Enough of them have, and he was so right in many other areas, that I give him credence.


Annika kafe´resor och Riga said...

So true!! Edgar Cayce is so very interesting and scarey to read. Annika

Arkansas Patti said...

It has been a long time but I did read Edgar Cayce and found him facinating.
Might need to go back to read him again. Arkansas has had over 700 quakes since Nov, one large enough to shake me awake 80 miles away. Scary times we live in.

Anonymous said...

I read everything Cayce wrote many years ago and he was still alive at the time, as I recall now. Jean Dixon got a lot more press than he did for some reason but was seldom a prophet or prophetess.

I don't know how our minds work but I do know that some people on earth have some arrangement that allows them to tune into all the knowledge in the world. Almost god-like in their revelations. I think he was among that group.

Others call him a charlaton.

joared said...

Interesting reading. Who knows, maybe my part of California will drop off into the Pacific. Sounds like the best place to be is mid-America -- or is it?

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I was teethed on Edgar Cayce; my dad followed his work closely and I was in a Cayce study group for years in the 1970s. So much of what he predicted has come true.

And you live near where the headquarters are. Living on earth takes a lot of courage, but I can't think of any other alternatives.

Pat said...

I think with all the recent events Mother Nature may be trying to tell us something.