Sunday, February 13

Ssince I saw your sslender form,
My cold, cold blood became quite warm.
And with each and every sslither,
Caused my unkeeled sscales to wither.

Gentle hiss, that underbelly - Oh, my sspine just turned to jelly!
King or cobra go ssalamander,
by your anacondic philander.

Though your forked tongue you flicker,
Than the boa, you're out-chic-er.
But these fangs of mine went hyper,
Ssuch a sscintillating viper!

My sskin sshed while in your grasp,
Cause you made me love your asp!

I hope you and your significant other make fond memories for each other this Valentine's Day!

I'm working almost non-stop for Valentine's Day, so if I don't get there for a visit, you'll know why. P.S. I did not write this poem. I took it from a card I bought years ago.


Ginnie said...

Happy V. Day to you too, Judy. My birthday is tomorrow and I've always been referred to as a displaced Valentine ... so it hasn't been my favorite holiday !

Sparkling Red said...

That poem iss adorable! ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day. I read your post on how to keep a marriage going, and your wisdom is well-put. I can't think of a better lead-up to Valentine's day.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh no it's Valentines day!! What tomorrow??? I'm in trouble!


Pat said...

Quite an erotic poem;)

srp said...

Very ssnaky indeed... and a happy "V" day to you too. I try not to do Valentine's Day.. but the day after is my dad's 83rd birthday.

Kay Dennison said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Judy!!! Great and fun poem!!!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Sexy little thing aren't you? He must have loved it since it has been kept.
Happy Valentines Day. Don't work too hard.

Peter said...

Happy Valentines Judy.

Chancy said...

And a Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hee, hee, hee....very cute. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Judy.

Grannymar said...

I hope that by now you are ready for a good rest! Enjoy.