Tuesday, February 15

Odds and Ends

I saw some interesting things on my way to and from the flower shop last week:

1. It was 59* and teenagers were wearing tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. The next day it was 70* and they were dressed for winter. Now today, it is back in the 50's again. We are on the proverbial weather yo-yo again.

2. I saw someone jogging off in the distance and as she came closer, I saw that it was a "little person". I have never seen a little person jogging, before and I would have thought it was a painful process for them, seeing as how their legs are badly bowed. But she was persevering  (if at a snail's pace), and I was proud for her.

3. While stopped at a train crossing, I saw a series of five linked railroad cars with a tractor on top that had a large claw on the end of a long  "nose." They were moving slowly, about 20 feet each time and stopping, after which the claw reached into a cargo car and pulled out 8-10 massive railroad ties and dropped them on the side of the tracks like they were "pick-up-sticks."  I thought back to when men most likely had to do that by hand, or use horse-drawn carts to transport the heavy railroad ties and I decided this way was much better!

Working as a florist on Valentine's Day in a busy shop can be extremely  stressful, even when you only work four hours a day (as I did.) One of the ways in which I amuse myself is reading the cards that people specify for their orders. One I got a kick out of was..."I fooled you because these are not for Valentine's Day, they are because I forgot our seven-month anniversary."  I wondered if he had sent another arrangement for the 14th, because he is likely to be in trouble if he didn't....lol. Another one was ordered for her mom by a young girl...."I ordered these for Dad; he taught me how to use the credit card."
Again, I wondered if the mom would be happy at that - or mad because the dad didn't do it himself. We'll never know, will we?


Pat said...

Better the daughter than the secretary.
Is a 'little person' PC now?

kenju said...

Yes, apparently so. There used to be a show about a family of them on TLC, and that is what they preferred.

Kay Dennison said...

Nice anecdotes!!!!

Olga said...

A friend of mine ran a marathon in Montreal years ago and we all went to cheer him on. I was amazed and impressed by the number of people with serious physical challenges who were finishing that race. THe winners ran for two hours (Fast), but some of the final finishers had dogged on for four or more hours. That to me was unbelievable.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am hooked on "Pit Boss" which is about "little people" and pit bulls.
I think I wouldn't get anything done at your job for wanting to read the cards. Such fun.
Rest up now for the next onslaught.

Granny Annie said...

The mother should be angry. This sends the daughter on a path of destruction to teach her to use a credit card:)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love little people. :-) And, I'd love to be a fly on the wall for the floral arrangement card messages!

srp said...

I don't know if the mom would be mad, but she certainly should write this down in a memory book to keep for when the daughter grows up. They say so many cute and sometimes profound things that you know you want to remember, but promptly forget.

Stephen went through our florist here for Dad's birthday, but not flowers. A very nice container... huge... that looks like it could set on a big desk to hold mail or something else. It is filled with all sorts of snack crackers and chocolate and other edibles that don't have to be refrigerated. His note said... I know how much you love to sit and snack in your new recliner.... so here is something to snack with. I thought it much more clever than my Gold Toe socks.

Darlene said...

Better to work in a florist shop than a stable. :-) The scent is sooo much nicer.

Perhaps the little girl's dad is in the military overseas and showed her how to use the credit card to send the flowers for him. Just thinking.