Sunday, February 6

"Do You Fit into the Blogosphere?", an article found in a local magazine ("Midtown"), I read recent statistics from "the State of the Blogosphere" by Technorati:

Believe it or not, 2/3 of bloggers are male and 60% are between the ages of 18-44.

75% have college degrees.

More than half are married.

70% say that personal satisfaction is the way they measure success.

71% blog in part to speak their mind.

72% blog to share their expertise.

42% have become friends with someone they have met in person through their blog.

82% post photos to their blog. 

So, how do you fit into that picture?  Or do you?


I have been told that the way I will be able to comment on the blogs I cannot now leave a comment on, is if the blogger goes to "settings" and "comments" and clicks "full page" as the option (instead of "embedded below the post".) I would love for all of you to do that, of course, so I can speak my mind and let you know I've been there. 

And since I posted about not being able to comment, I've discovered a few more blogs that fit that category:


srp said...

I am surprised that that many are men... men don't usually like to share their inner thoughts that freely. ;)

Carver said...

I'm also surprised that the majority of bloggers would be men. Interesting post.

Grannymar said...

I think there are more male than female Bloggers in my RSS feeds. As for the other statistics, I agree with about half of them. I am actually surprised at how many have dropped out of blogging in the past year.

Celia said...

Interesting for sure, I would have guessed more women but then I mostly view other women's blogs, so what do I know?

I took your advice about changing the comment settings, so hopefully that will let you and my sister comment when you feel like it.

Thumper said...

What browser are you using? I had the same problem until I upgraded the version of Firefox I was using...

Granny Annie said...

Those are surprising statistics. Personally I have fewer male blog friends than I do female.

Judy, don't really understand your comment posting problems or your picture posting problems. Do you use Internet Explore for your browser or Mozilla Firefox? I use Mozilla and have fewer problems with it.

kenju said...

Celia changed her comments style and it worked!! Now if the rest of you would...

I use Mozilla Firefox and I am up to date with the latest offering.

Anonymous said...

Men talk more (hog the conversation, truth be told) in any medium.
Cop Car
P.S. Studies have shown this to be true, although I cannot cite any off the top of my head.

Pat said...

One small moan I have. When blog hopping, very often there is no indication of the blogger's sex or where they live - let alone which country.
Mind you I followed a link - innocently - the other day and was confronted with a very large erect penis which gave me pause for thought.
Judy do censor this if you think it's not on.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The only place I know for sure that I fit is The! It is interesting that so very many men blog---I wouldn't have guessed that, at all....Though I certainly do visit quite a few men-bloggers...I would have said it was more women than men...And, according to these figures I would be very very wrong!

Kay Dennison said...

You come through on my blog!

John said...

I may fit into more than one of those, but mostly I blog to voice my opinion and post photos.

Anonymous said...

I loved the poem about Letting Go. I really needed that. I chewed my only brother out in June about his drinking and driving and with seizure disorder. Begged him to stop drinking and to stop driving with his seizures not under control. He became furious with me and we did not speak again except when he called me to tell me about my sister's surgery in July. He was killed in an auto accident and pretty sure a seizure caused it. Also, he was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the truck. This was Dec. 20th. I so wish I had not fussed at him and interfered. This poem spoke to me. My sister begged me to talk to him because usually I am the one he will listento but not this time. I will never interfere again and will Let Go and Let God! Thanks so much Judy for this post.

Anonymous said...

There is a fix for the embeded comments. You have to change a line of code on that particular template. I won't give it out as a lot of people who don't know what they are doing could screw up their templates. So it is best to fix it with your solution.

Arkansas Patti said...

Well I am too old and not the right sex to qualify with the majority but otherwise mostly fit the mold.
Was surprised about all the men. Where are you guys?

Ruth said...

I'm surprised about the male predominance, since so many bloggers I know are female.

I'm female.
Degree: yes.
Yes, personal satisfaction
Blog to express myself (is that like speaking my mind? :)
Yes I've met and made friends with someone I first met blogging.
Yes I post photos.

I'm typical!

Thanks for the info about comment formatting. I had someone just on the weekend say they couldn't leave a comment at my RUMI DAYS blog where comments are embedded below the post. I've changed the format to pop-up window, so I'm hoping he can comment now.

G in Berlin said...

I have pop up windows and really don't want to change to full page because , basically, every one hates full page comments. But I'm also in full moderation mode.
Perhaps Abe Lincoln could help you out, because the general default is becoming pop-up commnets and I have changed my template multiple times (I'm not attached to it) and I have never had the commenting problem you are describing.
Also, about 95% of the blogs I read are written by women, but I'm not surprised by he stats: when I started using a computer, the default gender was male and women were so badly treated that I wrote my intros (into forums etc) as male for the first 10 years or so.

Hale McKay said...

I've never experienced not being able to comment on a blog that allows comments.