Wednesday, December 15

The Hanging of the Wreaths

We had plenty of support when we went back to the entrance today, to hang the wreaths. Now, if the Grinch removes them, we'll have plenty of proof that they were stolen.

This is the pair of adorable frogs that I got in our ornament exchange  Monday night, at our neighborhood annual pot-luck. Won't they make a great addition to my tree?!

There were three tables set up for us; here I am in the living room, along with some of my favorite people. Remind me to pull down my sleeves next time, will ya?

The dining room table holds seven + more. A good time was had by all!
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Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Hey, hey--Grinch away! Love your cojones, ladies. And it looks like a good time was had by all. I love your frog ornaments.

tiff said...

Festivities, hooray!!

Celia said...

Your party looks divine, friends, food, and fa la la. Hope the grinch stays in his lair.

Tracy said...

Hah! those frogs are precious and simply goofy! but that's the fun of all of it.
I hope your Grinch gets a wreath stuck on his head!
...and I wouldn't even have noticed your lseeves were not pulled down. Heaven's the new fashion is htose 3 quarter length sleeves so if you hadn't mentioned it I'd simply thought you were in vogue :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope those wreaths survive.
Looks like a great group and I love those frogs.
I have learned that when pictures are taken, not to be the closest one to the camera, it gleefully distorts. Ask any fisherman.

Pat said...

Can I come next year?

srp said...

I had to laugh at the second picture... so THAT is where those two frogs I sent packing out of the hot tub went! Now all dolled up in their finery.. they look pretty good... much better than when in my hot tub.

Grannymar said...

The wreaths look well at the entrance, I hope they are allowed to stay there for the holiday.

That party looked fun. You are very fortunate to have good neighbours.

Anonymous said...

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- Daniel