Wednesday, December 29

Getting Lucky...

My Christmas money was burning a hole in my pocket, so I went shopping today. It must have been the right day to go, as I was very lucky....and not the way you think I

I was wearing a pair of brown Clark's clogs/slides that I bought last winter, and the insole had started tearing loose from the shoe bed and was  (to my dismay) visible. I showed them to the store manager and he refunded the purchase price - so the new pair I bought only cost me $20 (they would have been $70!!) I walked out wearing a new (black) pair, went to another shoe store and found the perfect pair of brown ones to replace the first pair. Add to that the two sweaters and two knit shirts I bought and -  knowing that I still have $$ left over - it was a very good day!!  Most of my shopping trips end in disappointment, so today was a banner one for me!

Due to the arrival of snow and the salt the city spread on the roads, my car is almost totally white, instead of champagne beige. I'll have to get it washed soon, but I think I should wait until all the snow is melted.....right? It's time for an oil change too. Maybe I could get a deal if I do both. Nah, I'm not that lucky. 

Are you going out for New Year's Eve?  We were invited out for a fancy dinner at a nearby inn, but having gone to the Angus Barn only a week ago, we opted to stay home. A tight budget can only take just so many $100+ dinners in a short time, and our budget is beyond tight, especially at Christmas. 

As 2011 approaches, I am reminded to take stock of 2010. As years go, it was okay ; not a banner year, but not terrible either. We have much to be thankful for and I try to remember that when things get tough. I hope that 2011 will be a better year for us all - a year when we see continued improvement in the economy, good health for all and a definite downfall in gasoline prices. (That's probably a dream that will never come true - but I can dream it anyway.) Next, I hope we can get out of the business of war and bring our boys and men home from wherever they are trying to maintain peace. Happy New Year to us all!


Sparkling Red said...

Ah, yes, there is something very satisfying about getting good bargains. I always say I'm not going to bother going shopping during the post-Christmas sales, but of course I can't resist the urge to just pop into this store with all the 50% off signs... In the end it's always been worth it.

srp said...

Yes, the gas prices do not look as if they will go down this year... we will drive less. We are staying in for New Years.. Mom watches the ball drop... I will probably just go to bed early.. and hopefully the snow will be way down by then. I must get out and get a snow shovel and more salt.. I had part of a bag left over and when I put it on the ice on the driveway I could hear it crack and pop and in 20 minutes it was much easier to shovel off... but I didn't have the right kind of shovel. Their car is OK, but mine is still snowed in, parked in front of a significant drift and with snow on the roof and windshield Our driveway is on the north side of the house and doesn't get much sun.

Greta said...

This 'n that:(A) I buy the majority of my clothes at thrift shops but I am addicted to Clark's clogs/slides. (B) What a deal! (C) Good for you, spending YOUR Christmas money on yourself. I'm betting you haven't always done that.(D)Love snow when it's white and thick. Hate it when it gets spotty and dirty. (E)Nope, we haven't gone OUT for New Year's in a long time but we're going to Annapolis to visit relatives IF our colds go away. (F)2010 was okay for us, too, but like you we are also grateful for much. (G) I too look forward to our troops coming home safely.

That's it, A through G. Happy New Year's!

Redondowriter said...

I love bargains, so your story delighted me! As for New Year's eve, I'm a solitary inner for the third year in a row. My couple friends are all going out, but I frankly could care less. Home feels awfully good right now.

Juniper said...

I'm another New Year Stay-In person.

My reflection on 2010: Hmm, could have been better but could have been a LOT worse. Still have all limbs and both of us have a job.

2011: I will take it as it comes!

Happy New Year Kenju and enjoy the new shoes/clothes!

Grannymar said...

I love to hear about people getting good bargains. Enjoy.

I stay home alone at new year and glad to. I am usually in bed and often asleep before the bells at midnight. Mind you it never stops the new year from beginning. ;)

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, you got a refund after a year? Way to go.
I am not in a salt area but think I would wash my car a lot in winter where it is used. I have seen what even salt air can do to a car.
A big Amen to your wishes for
2011. Me too.

robin andrea said...

Happy New Year! And YES to your list of hopes for the new year.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I hear you about the dinners out, Judy! My younger girl (SG2; should call her SG22 because she just turned 22!) avoided the malls and went to Brattleboro, VT to shop. The shops there are very sweet and very expensive. I bought her a sweater, which the woman took 10% off for a slight snag and I bought a pair of leather gloves for only $14! Not bad. But what bugged me was that there way too many cool/pretty/interesting/artistic things I wanted. I am sometimes uncomfortable with that feeling of wanting too many things; even as I can't afford to. I don't know if you follow me...

In any event, happy new year! We usually stay home and I eat shrimp cocktail. WP does not care for it. My SG22 has to work on new year's eve and the WP girls are out to parties. My SG1 in CA I'm not sure what she and wifey are doing but it will surely be warmer than where we are!


Anonymous said...

It's great to have good luck on shopping days! Bad luck would mean you'd get ripped off or fall down an escalator or something, so I'm a big fan of good luck!
My brother, dad, and I spent the day yesterday spending several gift cards. It was so nice to hand a gift card to the cashier instead of cash or a debit card.
Enjoy all your new purchases! I wish you even MORE good luck in the coming year. :-)

LL Cool Joe said...

We are going to my sister-in-laws house with just a small bunch of friends that we've all known for years. We take it in turns to host the dinner party and I'm grateful it's not our turn this year!

I've avoided the shops before and after Christmas, I tend to shop on-line, even for shoes and clothes.

Happy New Year!

Pat said...

Nice shopping trip:)
We usually stay put at New Year and eat out under more relaxed circumstances. There's something off putting about universal jollity and I remember some awful New Year' Parties.
A Happy New Year Judy to you and yours.