Sunday, December 19

Christmas in a Private Home ~ Final Photos

The main level bathroom

The gentleman's study. This foliage garland also has acorn roping twined in it.

The lower level den. The garland is studded with blue dried hydrangeas and Florentine angels, and has blue velvet and copper ribbons. Pam and I did this one together.

This concludes my/our Christmas decor photos - except for my home, which I hope to be completing over this weekend.
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Grannymar said...

That is the first time I have seen decorations in a bathroom. Mind you I have often threatened!

Now relax and enjoy the Holidays. That is an order!

Tabor said...

Unfortunately you lost me at gentlemen's study and lower den...! Like going back in time.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Gorgeous--but the cartoon in yesterday's post sure brought a smile.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as ever. I hope these people appreciate your hard work.

Loved the card in your last post too :)

~ Bobkat

Arkansas Patti said...

Here I was afraid your home would be like the beautician's hair and the mechanic's car. Glad you have enough left to do your own home.
Do hope you find time to just put the feet up and enjoy some quiet time.

Pat said...

I do enjoy seeing these.
Decorations in the bathroom- there's posh!

andrew1860 said...

This is just Beautiful! I love to see how people decorate for Christmas using old collections and antiques