Monday, November 1

Broken Glass, Blooming Flowers and Utter Frustration

This is how it looks when your glass-topped deck table blows over and shatters into a kazillion tiny pieces. The photo below show some of it in the chairs, too. It was a mess to clean up, and lots of small pieces lodged in the spaces between the deck boards and need to be removed with a screwdriver.
At least, it's my tool of choice. Sure is hard on the back, though, even when I
sit down. The photo below shows some it in the chairs. I had to remove that very carefully, to avoid cutting the chair fabric.

My lantana and geraniums are still blooming, and since this photo was taken, the geranium has burst into full blossom - a veritable flag of neon color! I should photograph it now.

I went shopping today. I had bought mr. kenju a belt which proved to be too small, so I returned it and looked for another. Apparently, his size is very popular,  since there were only a few available, especially in black. Had I wanted a brown belt, there would have been no problem at all. I finally found a reversible belt, and I think they are a good value. He also wanted a turtleneck sweater to replace the ratty old one he's worn out over the last ten years. Apparently they are out of style, since the closet I could come to it was a mock-turtle with a partial zipper at he neck. When I asked him if he liked it, he offered a resounding NO, so tomorrow, I am going to retrace my steps and return that. As of then, I am finished shopping for him. If he wants something, he will have to shop for it and buy it himself! 

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LL Cool Joe said...

Ouch to the broken glass! I once broke a glass top table and there were bits of broken glass everywhere, and however much I tried to clear it up there always seemed to be a few bits more!

Juniper said...

Oh my goodness, that is a mess! what awful tiny pieces - they didn't think carefully about what sort of glass they made that table top out of... You'll be finding little bits of glass years from now!

Belts!! Mr H. has a perennial search for the sort of belt he wants, it's the buckles that are the issue. *sigh* sometimes man clothes shopping harder than my own ;-)

Pat said...

No bare feet!
I wish I could get MTL to wear polo neck sweaters but he doesn't like to pull things over his head so vests are out too.

Gilly said...

Shame about the glass topped table. Glass is lovely in one piece, but a real menace when it breaks. Hope you have got all the pices out now!

And as for shopping for men! Don't ask me! I throw away things that are just too awful to wear, and Mr.G has to go and but replacements all by himself!

Can you get hold of a Lands End catalogue? I think they sell in the US - I know they have mens' turtleneck sweaters. No zips!

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, your table was really smashed. I envisioned cracks, not that. Careful of those pieces in the cracks.
LL Bean on line may have what you are looking for in the turtle neck catagory.

qandlequeen said...

WOW Sorry about your table

tiff said...

I'm sorry your table broke - AND that you had to spend so much time cleaning it up. :(

The Land's End catalog is a good idea, also LL Bean. Free shipping!

kenju said...

I love Land's End and LL Bean, but when you are dealing with a person who can't make up his mind and wants everything returned - it is best to shop locally and it ends up to be less hassle in the long run.

Olga said...

As someone who carried a shard in her left heel for most of the summer, I can tell you be careful on that deck for a long time.
I try never to buy clothes for my husband or my son. They are both of the "take it back" persuasion.

srp said...

It was tempered glass... looks like. It shatters in millions of tiny pieces. What a mess. Be careful in cleaning that up. It always takes me a lot of days to feel comfortable going barefoot after breaking glass on the floor.

My lantana are still blooming and my milkweed has recovered from the monarchs and some of it is blooming as well. I am amazed at the blanket flowers.. still blooming since mid spring.

Looking to the Stars said...

Bummer about the table, sorry. Be careful, little pieces seem to pop up no matter how hard you clean it up.

Do you have a Macy's in your part of the world? That's where I got my hubby his turtle necks. That was 2 yrs ago but they seem to have the things that we can't find in other stores. Its worth a try :)

take care :)

Nancy said...

Sorry about your table, Judy.

My son a deck off of his kitchen and it is about 14' above the ground. He had a wind storm that picked up his glass table and carried it right down into the neighbor's yard.

He was very lucky the table had not hit someone or their pets.
Like yours, the glass shattered and was all over the place.

Grannymar had a household tip the other day about what to use when you break glass and have to clean it up. She said to pick it up with a thick piece of bread because the chips of glass stick to the bread and you don't have to rinse it out and cut your hands, you just throw it out.