Sunday, November 28

Bah Humbug?

Well, not yet....but I'm getting there quickly.

We decorated a restaurant yesterday. I won't post photos of it because it is rather ordinary looking, and the interior is so dark that good photos are hard to come by. The parent company chose decorations in their home state years ago and there is little budget for additions or refurbishments to the old garlands and table-top trees. I fully expect some of them to fall apart the next time we take them out of the storage boxes.

People are rather crazed about Christmas this year, and it seems to be coming earlier than usual. I just saw some stats on the news about the amount of the average purchase on black Friday - and it made me glad that I worked that day and didn't spend that (or any) amount of money. We are drawing in our belts this year, throughout the family. We drew names at Thanksgiving and as a result, I will be buying 2-4 presents rather than 10-12. That really helps the old budget, dontcha' know? 

I am also giving up Christmas cards. At the current postage rate, sending more than a few would be prohibitive anyway. I used to love sending cards to people whom I don't see often, and writing a newsy note inside. But it seems that cards have gotten so impersonal over the last few years, and cards with printed names inside and no personal note  are so cold as to be insulting. Why bother? And don't get me started about those bragging Christmas letters masquerading as family news. Luckily, we only get a few of those each year. I think if the people who write them knew how much derision they cause they wouldn't send them to us any longer.  (Say....that gives me an idea.....LOL)

Have you given up sending cards too?


srp said...

We have a tub of old cards never used, partially used cards and such. Mom always intends to and then doesn't. She has an old friend, a member of her wedding party almost 60 years ago now that still sends cards and they usually get here right after Thanksgiving.. she is always on top of things.

Star said...

I have not decided although in past years my cards would be ready to go by now . I haven't found a card I like, and feel no pressure to do so. I will most likely skip it this year.

Tabor said...

I am sort of half-assed at this. I send out some cards with those 'newsy' letters and send out others electronic as emails. This year I don't know. I have lost touch we so many people over time anyway.

Tracy said...

I gave up sending Christmas cards years ago...not quite sure why but I think since Christmas is not my favorite time of year it was out of refusal to admit the holiday was upon us, or me rather.

I think with the rising costs every year, there are A LOT of things we aren't doing much anymore. My husband and I use to hoset an Open House for all our friends and family and cook and bake and make a wonderful spread; this is the first year we won't be doing it.

G in Berlin said...

This is actually the first year I have done so in years. I'm just about done writing them and they will go out tomorrow to the US to be dropped in the mail there by a friend- I'll be late by a few days, since Chanukah starts the 1st, but at least they won't arrive after the end!
I wiykd include a newsletter if I had the time to write one- and unlike you (and my Mom)- I think they are great and I appreciate the catch up opportunity on those families I care about but am not in constant touch with.

Alan G said...

I started getting the infamous “Christmas Letter” from one of my co-workers back before I retired. I quite honestly had never seen one before and was a bit taken back that the family would send me one. I thought at the time the practice was certainly an oddity but as you have clarified, have since discovered that they aren’t the ones who started that practice.

It’s like, “Do I really need to know your grandma has some bowel problems and you had to buy her all new under garments? And the fact that little Timmy pitched in three of his Little League games last year is supposed to mean something to me? And oh yes, good luck to your wife in her new basket weaving class!”

By the way, I used your name in vain over at my place today so if you’re looking for someone to beat the crap out of…..that’ll be me! :)

Arkansas Patti said...

I spent under $5.00 on Black Friday, sadly the economy hardly noticed.
I only give to those under 18. Those over 18 make much more than I do so they are on their own.
This will be the first year I will not send cards willy nilly. It seems to be a dying custom. I hate to see it go but it is. I may have caught your "bug".

Kay Dennison said...

I understand. I'm trying to decide if i have the energy to bother with decorationd. It's not like I have lots of company.

I've also decided that I can't afford to buy gifts for everyone so only the little ones will get gifts and they won't be fancy.

Grannymar said...

Two Christmases ago I decided not to buy presents and give the money to a charity. Then I sat and worked out how much I usually spent on presents, wrapping paper etc, cards (over sixty) and all the postage. I rounded up the figure to include a donation and sent the money to charity instead. Nobody complained. I will continue to do so again this year

Suzanne said...

"Christmas Letter"??? The letter I got last year would have done one political party proud.

Pat said...

I wish I could but there are many old friends who aren't up to speed with what's been happening. I may just phone some of them on the free day. I am appalled at the cost of postage and already bought the cheapest charity cards I could find. For some reason the ones I usually use didn't get in touch. Their loss.

qandlequeen said...

I never got around to sending them out last year. I just finished addressing my batch for this year. I kept postage expense in mind as I selected people to receive them.

I love receiving them so no, I'm not giving up the tradition any time soon.