Monday, October 18

Thomas Day Furniture Exhibit at the NCMH

A beautiful example of the craftsmanship practiced by Thomas Day, a NC furniture maker, who built furniture in the 1840's and 50's.

An example of a wedding gown from that era and a child's potty chair.

Woodworking tools of his era (above and below) I will be posting four photos from the exhibit for the next few days. 
(Today is my younger daughter's birthday. She claims not to read my blog, but she might like it if you tell her happy birthday!)

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LL Cool Joe said...

Nice photos. :)

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Nancy said...

Happy birthday to your daughter, and happy birth day to her mom, too.

Those sleeves are pretty extreme. :-) Love the table.

Gilly said...

That table is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

Old tools are so fascinating. We still have some of my Grandfather's old tools, and considering he was born in 1868 and apprenticed very young (?14) I reckon they must be at least 100 years old!

And Happy Brithday to younger Kenju! Have a fabulous day!

Scarlet said...

That is super craftsmanship... Even potty chairs were beautiful back in the day!!!

Happy Birthday to your non-blog reading daughter! ;o)

Star said...

Happy Birthday to you, Judy's younger daughter. Have a wonderful day.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very cool exhibit! Happy Birthday, younger daughter!:-)

Juniper said...

Happy Birthday to Her!!!

That table is indeed gorgeous, I wish I had a house suitable for putting such beautiful furniture into.

Mr H. would love those rows of planes ;-)


Arkansas Patti said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNGEST DAUGHTER. You had better read your Mom's blog. You never know when she will be talking about you.
That wedding dress would work today, minus those awful sleeves. They are more appropriate for the brides maid's dress which is meant to be ugly.

Grannymar said...

I love the table, just the place to place a cake and sing Happy Birthday to your daughter! Many Happy Returns of the day!

Kay Dennison said...

Happy Birthday, Youngest Daughter!!!!

I just love museums like that!!!

Travelin'Oma said...

I love this old stuff. Regarding your comment on passing on heirlooms and family stories. My grandma wrote little stories about some of her treasures and taped them to the bottom of the piece. When I got her old clock, there was a little sticker that said, "Received from Gus on my wedding day. He made it." That little story made the clock even more meaningful. (Not that you need something else to do.)

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Younger Daughter. I was the younger daughter so you have my sympathies:)
I love the wedding dress - much nicer than the boring strapless ones that everybody in the UK seem to wear these days.

joared said...

The table wood grain is absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if there is any furniture making still occurring in N.C. which I have always associated with that State.