Thursday, September 30

The Silver Lining

Over the last two days, I packed up (and made a list of) everything in twelve large boxes, and today I took them to Goodwill. It was raining when I put them in my van and it was raining when I pulled up to the Goodwill donation site. Ordinarily the young men who work there will help anyone unload their cars if they have more than one or two items, but the woman who was working there today didn't do anything but prop the door open for me. I guess she didn't want to get wet - and she sure didn't mind if I did. What bothered me the most is that when I drove up, there were two young women unloading their car trunk, and she was helping them. I guess she thought she had done enough by the time I backed into the slot. 

As I unloaded, she asked me what was in each box, and I told her at the start that I had one large box of clothing and none of the other 11 boxes had any clothes in them. As I brought each box into the store, she asked again..."Are there any clothes in this box?" and I once again told her, "No, the clothing was only in the first box I brought in."

In my garage, ready to be packed up, is at least twice as much stuff as I delivered to Goodwill today. I am rethinking where I will donate the rest of the stuff, based on the aggravation I got today. Whew....that was frustrating.

Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up two scripts for mr. kenju, both of which I called in yesterday. Only one of them was ready - and I have to ask - How long can it take to count out 30 pills?  I was a bit frustrated to have to wait for them, and it made me forget that I had two gift cards I could have used to buy the meds.

But my trip to Verizon went well, so the day wasn't a complete bust. I needed to pay the last bill on our former account, and I thought I owed $127 and some change, but I was delighted to be told that I only owed $23! Seems I had paid most of the amount in the previous invoice and the last  one didn't reflect that payment. YAY! They also let me return a phone case I had bought for mr. kenju. He thought he wanted one, but he couldn't manage to get it on his belt (you'd have to be a muscle-builder to do it) and it was too bulky in his pocket. I had neither the box it came in or the receipt - so I was lucky they accepted it. YAY!


Arkansas Patti said...

We are on similar wave lengths today with silver linings.
Don't you love when a bill is less than you thought.
No pictures??
You could always offer the remainder as giveaways on your blog except you would be stuck with postage.

srp said...

I am tired... tornado warnings all night. Not much lightening and really not much wind, but a lot of changes in the direction of the wind. But rain and more rain and more rain and flooding now. And all day today as well.

Granny Annie said...

Sometimes the day of frustration doesn't end on such an uplifting note. I can almost feel my adrenaline surge as I read about your poor treatment at the Goodwill then the delay at the pharmacy. Who would dream your turn around would happen at Verizon!

Anonymous said...

I took my business elsewhere due to the abrupt treatment I continued to receive at one pharmacy, and was surprised when the self same woman called me to ask why I switched.
Thank you's from donation centers make a difference, don't they?
And just one act of unexpected kindness can take a simmering temper off the burner.
Glad your day ended well.

Olga said...

My thought was similar to Grannie Annie's because I always dread having to deal with the phone or the cable companies.

Pat said...

Life can be very trying but at least you had some good things.
I bought a pack of five pairs of black tights today - when I got home I saw they were extra large.!
And I'm not.

One Woman's Journey said...

You had a busy day. The people at my local Goodwill are really nice and ask no questions - just take the bags or boxes and usually smile and say "thank you". On the phone holder - I had the same experience. I wanted one to clip on my slacks. Never could get it to fasten. I could not pry it apart to put on my waist. Sure do not know who uses these things.

Joy Des Jardins said...

It's always good to look for the silver lining in everything's a sign that you're an optimistic person. Glad to see your day ended on a positive note.