Tuesday, September 21

September Delivers!

You probably think I messed with the color on this rose, but this is exactly how it looks - neon!!

That's pollen on the petunia. Some butterflies had been visiting before I took this shot.

Lantana colors vary so much. Some of the blooms on this plant are all pink, and others, like this one, have 3-4 mixed colors.

Click to enlarge. A good motto, I think!
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Kay Dennison said...


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Indeed, September does deliver. These are beautiful.

Juniper said...

How pretty, I really need to plant some autumn (fall) colour here.

Not much chance of keeping weeds out of my garden - they love it! some of them are quite pretty so I let them be ;-)

Mar said...

Beautiful September flowers and lovely sign!!

Pat said...

'Pollen on the petunia.'
What a great phrase - and gorgeous photos.

Gilly said...

Definitely neon flowers - the rose and petunia I mean. I'm sure you could see them from afar!

I think I prefer the softer colours of the lantana (whatever that is, must look it up).

Great shots!

srp said...

If only the weeds would read the sign.
The roses are really loving this cooler weather. Mine are getting a second wind and winding up for their October splash.
But, the butterflies are heading off to winter quarters. I have three chrysalides remaining to emerge and migrate... perhaps in one more week.

Arkansas Patti said...

Nice captures and that rose is lovely.
A rose bush in a cornfield is a weed so I guess it is all in the perspective.
I am always amazed that people cultivate lantana, lovely as it is. Horse owners dread these poisoneous plants.
Love the pollen on the petunia.

Nancy said...

These beautiful flowers are why I try to schedule any trip we may be taking for September.

Usually, the flowers are at the peak of their perfection. Even my Impatiens are glorious right now.

As SRP noted, the flowers are loving this cooler weather. Now if only it would rain. It hasn't rained in my part of Pennsylvania since August 22nd.

Grannymar said...

Great colours.

@Nancy, I will let you have some of our rain!:D Today it is dry and a little warmer than the past week.

Beverly said...

Those are so lovely!

tiff said...

Oh, our lantana quit blooming a couple of weeks ago -I miss it.

Your are gorgeous.

Scarlet said...

what lovely colours!!!

David said...

o good motto indeed. I like poems with a punch