Thursday, September 23

A Bed & Breakfast Worthy of Your Notice

This is the to enlarge (I hope)
This is Gary, the Pres. of the florists's association; I wanted you to see this massive antique in the foyer.
One of the bedrooms. They aren't large, but very well appointed.
Another of the guest rooms
and it's sitting room area
We loved this green room - very soothing, and the headboard was totally surprising in this otherwise very symmetrical room.
Another elegant choice
The desk in a pale aqua room
And the smashing lavatory basin, on which it would be just my luck to drop something heavy and shatter it. I love the "bow-tie" marble floor too!
My friend Teri, who invited me to the event, in front of one of the interesting 1920's style murals painted in the hallways.
and another mural. Wouldn't you like to stay in this lovely place?  Next time you are in Durham, NC, check it out. We attended a meeting of the neighboring county florist's association. The food was provided by Culinary Visions Catering, from Greensboro, NC. It was  very good; especially the chicken, the broccoli casserole and the carrot cake!

Vicki, you would love it here when you come back for a visit.


Pat said...

I think they are under selling themselves calling it a B&B. With all those amenities and classy decor I would call it a country house hotel - in Britain that is.

Juniper said...

That does look like a lovely place with lots of character; the rooms are all so individual, obviously a lot of effort has gone into them.

I love the murals too, simple and tasteful.

Unfortunately I'm a long way from NC so will just appreciate your photos ;-)


LL Cool Joe said...

It is very nice, not my style at all but I can see it's been done beautifully.

Arkansas Patti said...

I agree with Pat, that is much nicer than any B&B I have ever seen and just a tad beyond my budget. Howerver if I find a rich old codger, would love to try it.

srp said...

Here the "King's Daughters" did the children's hospitals. This looks like a very restful place to stay.

Grannymar said...

Time I talked to Elly. ;) This is the kinda luxury she should be providing for her aged mother!! :lol:

I love the Wall Murals.... it has given me an idea. :D

Maria said...

I would love to stay there. It is so beautiful. I could imagine a week of relaxing and being pampered. I would bring a good book to read and comfortable shoes for early morning walks.

Olga said...

I would love to stop and see the place. Unfortunately, my husband is a drive straight through and avoid all cities kind of driver. I'm glad i could enjoy it through your pictures.

Celia said...

How beautiful, the green room made my mouth water (my own bedroom is a similar green) not so elegant
;-). Did give me some ideas.

Celia said...

Second post, looks like the first went into the bit bucket!? How beautiful a place, wish it was close enough to take a stroll through, loved the green room, but the copper one was my favorite. Like to see the menu for breakfast. Mmmm.

Granny Annie said...

I would be in heaven in such a retreat. It would be perfectly fine to go alone and enjoy the comfort all to myself because I can assure you, Ron wouldn't be caught dead on the doorstep.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a beautiful and Elegant place....It has the feeling of a small English Hotel....! I LOVED that Green Room, too...!

Scarlet said...

That looks like a lovely place to stay! I love the antique stand / mirror in the hall!

colleen said...

Did you get to stay the night? Very elegant!