Wednesday, August 4

Odds, Ends and a Quote

"I hate with a murderous hatred those men who, having lived their youth, would send into war other youth, not lived, unfulfilled, to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of those old men, making their wars that boys must die."

Mary Roberts Rinehart, novelist (1876-1958)


Because I am going on a short trip soon, and will have no one in the car with me, mr. kenju asked me to get the car checked out before I leave. That's always a good idea, so Monday I took the car to my trusty repair shop. Three hours and $430 later, I was able to drive home. I feel better about the brakes, etc. now, but my wallet is crying. They also told me that I need to replace the front tires very soon, but since I had an alignment and rotation today, I can put that off until after the trip. Wasn't THAT good news?!  It's always something.


We had two or three days of respite from the suffocating heat and humidity, but it has returned, to stay around for another week or so. Back when it was so hot in May and June, we asked ourselves how on earth could it be as bad then as the usual heat in August? Now we know....August will be even hotter. I was told by a friend recently that she knows a couple of people who think that there is no such thing as global warming;  that it is a hoax being perpetrated on us for some nefarious reason. Sheeesh.

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