Sunday, August 22

I wanted to do a whole post with photos from our two days preparing for the Jim Valvano Golf Classic Gala Events, but Blogger isn't cooperating. I post a photo and place a caption with it, and the second photo I attempt to load  shows up in the preview, but not in compose, so I can't see it and place a caption with it. It's very frustrating!

On Friday, we ate our lunch at tables outside the Raleigh Convention Center, behind Sir Walter Raleigh.  I'd never seen this aspect of him before. Luckily there were no pigeons roosting on him, which surely would discourage any appetite, no matter how hungry you are! It was a gorgeous, sunny day. 

We went to work at 9:00 am and left at 4:00 pm. Of course Mel had been hard at work even before we arrived, packing up the flower arrangements we had made the previous day. By the time we left, my "cankles" were hurting and I couldn't wait to get home and prop up my feet. Dinner consisted of a bowl of oatmeal (but not the instant kind) and pumpernickle toast. Meeting back at the shop Saturday morning at 9:00, we went directly to the Convention Center, where we packed up the decor from the previous night and then re-set the tables for tonight's gala. There were seventy tables, each consisting of three vases of flowers, two with floating candles and three votive candles = 350 vases for those tables alone! We went back to the shop after lunch and made bud vases for the breakfast on Sunday morning; recycling the flowers from the Friday night event for use Sunday and again on Tuesday, for the Volunteer's Party.

I remain hopeful - even in the face of dreadful uncertainty - that I will be able to share the photos with you here soon!


srp said...

Rest those "cankles".... with all the gardening it is my hands and fingers that fare the worse.

Jay Simser said...

I think it is because you switched to the new blogger with the fancy backgrounds. I was going to try it but I am glad i just stayed with the old templates. I do enjoy your photos. i hope you get it fixed. j

Grannymar said...

"cankles".... I love it! I hope you get the photo posting sorted soon as I look forward to your excellent pictures.

Granny Annie said...

I will load the five pictures blogger will allow me and then I will type my captions and move each picture by cutting and pasting it over the applicable caption.

Sometimes when you talk about the demands of your job, I have to rest my cankles just from imagining your day.

Pat said...

Now you've got me wondering about the connection between your home town and Sir Walter?

Arkansas Patti said...

I keep thinking I should change my background also but hate to tempt the fates and fix what ain't broke.
Sorry it is giving you fits.
Looking at Sir Walter's boots, how on earth did they get into them in pre-zipper days? It must have taken two man-servants.

Grandmother Crone said...

Sometimes, many times I am totally confounded by the way yesterday I did it and it worked and today it just won't happen. Life online.
Anyway, hope we all get to see the lovely photos.
Just reading your post, I got exhausted!

BTW - I bet you never even thought about Sir Walter's butt before. :)

Greta said...

You must feel good about being part of this event. I never knew him but always thought I'd like him.

Carver said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Good shot of Sir Walter Raleigh. I don't think I've looked at that side of the statue before.

LL Cool Joe said...

I must admit I found changing to the new template on my blogs has made my life a whole lot easier. There are more things you can actually do to change the look of your blog too. I often use an image hosting site to add my photos. Have you ever tried ImageShack? It's so easy and allows you more control over the size of your photos too. You just have to paste the right code into your text.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

I won the NCAA March Madness pool in 1983 on the strength of knowing that I loved Jim Valvano's energy. It was the nicest $92 I ever earned.

I'm exhausted just reading your weekend's activities.... and then to have photo posting glitches at midnight.... poor Kenju.

Can't wait to see the pictures.... I'm sending "tech vibes" your way.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am still back in some much older version of Blogger so I have not encountered the kind of problems you have...But then, I don't do captions...Maybe just put what you want to say in the text right after the picture....Just a suggestion---it may be a lousy one, but, it's all I can think of to get around Blogger being so!

You all work SOOOO Hard, Judy! And that Event...or I should say those Events were cerainly Labor Intensive!!
Take good care of your 'cankles' and the rest of you, too, my dear...!