Wednesday, August 18

Happy Birthday,Millie!

A well-known elder blogger is having a fairly significant birthday today. Millie, I hope your day is wonderful and that the year to come brings you many joys. 

Here are some pretty things to look at; a little bird told me you like sunflowers, so I stole that photo just for you! I took the butterfly photo on Monday!


Please go tell Millie Happy Birthday (no need to comment here, unless you want to.)


Pat said...

Your photography gets better all the time.

srp said...

Love the tiger swallowtail..... I am still finding Monarch caterpillars. Have 12 in the chrysalis stage and six new caterpillars.... two I found on the milkweed leaves I had saved after the others had finished eating. I guess the leaves had a couple of eggs already on them and these hatched out. Looks like we will have helped 24 black swallowtails and 24 monarchs this summer.

But I have a confession to make. The black swallowtails keep coming back and laying eggs, many eggs on my fennel plant. It came back from the brink of being stripped completely by the caterpillars so I have been taking the tiny caterpillars off and letting them go in the yard.... food for the birds.

Arkansas Patti said...

How about both places? What a nice birthday present. Will check her out now.

LL Cool Joe said...

I wanted comment here because I miss reading your blog when I'm on holiday and just wanted you to know that!

Lovely photos, and happy birthday to Millie!

Mildred Garfield said...

Thanks a bunch of flowers for all the good wishes and special photos for my special birthday =.

Imagine - you got that shot of a butterfly - wonderful!!

And I did get some visitors that read your blog. Again - thanks a bunch!! ;-)