Tuesday, August 31

Free to a good home.....one handicapped frog; missing one foot and leg. When I was cleaning windows on Saturday, this one slipped out of my hand and fell into the kitchen sink.

Trying to upload photos is tiresome business, especially since Blogger is not cooperating with me. It took four minutes to get this one up. Bah!

When I left the flower shop in Cary yesterday, it was 96* and the forecast for today and the rest of the week shows it hovering around 98*. ENOUGH already!! (A voice crying in the wilderness.....)

Overnight temps are in the 70's, so that means that the swimming pool has already cooled to below 80* - even though it is hotter than Hades during the day. I won't get anywhere near the pool unless the water temperature is over 83*, so that's it for the remainder of the season for me. My grandchildren don't mind, though, and one of them will swim until the water gets down to 70*. Too bad they don't live a bit closer so they can swim more often.

I'm working every day this week except Tuesday.....and grateful for it!  The economy may not have picked up where you are, but around here, people are buying flowers for weddings, birthdays, illness, etc. The shop was really busy yesterday - especially for Monday. Mr. kenju doesn't like it much when I am gone, but we need a break from each other now and then....and the pay doesn't hurt either.

Are you looking forward to your favorite shows coming back in the fall?  I am, and a wee bit interested to see some of the new ones as well. Dancing with the Stars will start its 11th season, I think. Why they had to ask that Palin kid to come on the show is beyond me. She's NO star!! They must be scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point. I'd almost rather watch Kenny Mayne dance....LOL!  (Edit: after watching the announcement tonight of the "stars" on the show this season, I am singularly unimpressed!)

American Idol will come back with new judges (at this point we don't know who, for certain). Will you miss Simon? I do hope that whomever they choose to replace Simon doesn't think he/she has to be just as nasty as he was sometimes.

Survivor will have oldies facing off against young people. The last time they tried that it wasn't very interesting. Maybe these groups will be different. Can you tell I watch a lot of reality TV?    I love fictional dramas, nature shows and science/medical stuff too, but I enjoy watching "real" people and seeing the psychology of it all (even though they are sometimes obnoxious!)

What's your favorite TV show? 


Grandmother Crone said...

OMG. You stopped me in my tracks - the Palin kid was on Dancing With the Stars?" I can't even say the name P***n name without twitching.
We are moving to Florida tomorrow - now I'm taking a packing break - yes, still packing. I can't wait for all that heat and sun. Goodbye NY winters.

Anonymous said...

My favorite show WAS LOST. I don't have anything to look forward to this year, although I have started watching Project Runway and I am enjoying it.

LL Cool Joe said...

I never watch tv, so I don't have any favourites. I do watch the music channels.

I'm sorry you still seem to be having problems with loading photos in blogger.

We have an indoor swimming pool here in the UK, and hardly anyone ever uses it! What a waste of money!

Scarlet said...

Oh my goodness! So many TV Shows!!!
After not having a TV for many years and then only having one that we could watch DVD's on, I'm a bit out of touch with all the shows out there.

But since moving into my new place, which has satellite TV, I have discovered the wonderful world of Two and a Half men, and Glee, which is pretty exciting. ALthough I'd have to say that Dexter is still my favourite... Season 4 was a cracker!!!

joared said...

My favorite Network show is "The Good Wife." On PBS it's "Charlie Rose."

Poor frog! At first I thought you were talking about a real one, so I immediately thought of, "Oh, dear! More mutations from pesticides or chemicals." I'm not too bright more than I care to admit.

Pat said...

I'm starving for some first rate drama. There is a new half hour series with Dawn French and Alfred Molina which is unusual and worth catching.
Won't be around for a while. Back soon DV.

Ginnie said...

I watch very little TV so I can't comment on that part...BUT...I can commiserate about the frog...only mine was alive until...
Here's the story. I had a real bad smell in my car and I couldn't figure out what it was until my grandaughter's boyfriend said, "Here it is" and I saw the remains of a small frog squished where the door closed on him/her !
I can't imagine how she/he hopped up there but it broke my heart.

srp said...

One of the two little frogs who are trying to live under our hot tub lid had an accident and died.... on the outside of the tub but under the lid.

As for the TV. I must admit I love fall only for the football games. Most of the reality shows are just plainly nuts. I think it is cheaper to produce the so called reality show than a regular program. A return to Turner Classic Movies where dramas were well thought out and no one needed to curse every other word to get a point across and where comedy didn't need to be sexually suggestive or off color to be funny and where you don't figure out the ending of a mystery in the first five minutes. Hollywood has lost its imagination.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love Survivor! I kind of half watch American Idol - mostly just to see who wins. LOL.

Arkansas Patti said...

sorry, bum hand, no capitals, easier with one finger.
i adored army wives but it is resing now so am waiting for friday night lights.
hope earl stays out to sea. keep your head down.

Carver said...

I've already looked ahead and by the end of the weekend the lows will be around 59 and highs in the 80s. It's will inch by into the 90s (hopefully for the last time) but as long as lows are in the low 60s, the mornings should be nice. This has been a LONG summer.

That's a cute frog. Too bad about it's little leg.

I like Burn Notice, Closer, and some of the new ones like Rubicon and Covert Affairs. Most of the shows I watch these days aren't on the main networks and they have a different schedule so their seasons are ending. I also like Lie to Me but that's on the same time as Closer. Oh I thought of another network one I like, House. But House has kind of run its course. I'll be surprised if it has many more seasons.

colleen said...

I think they often scrape the bottom for those shows. I'm looking forward to some new Saturday Night Lives, if I can stay up that late.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You have to remember Judy...DWTS "casts" to get people to watch and in turn buy what is advertised. They obviously think Palin will bring in viewers. Time will tell...And lots of people may watch just hoping they will get to see her mother....!
As far as "reality" shows are concerned, I personally don't find them very "real"....I DO love PROJECT RUNWAY and TOP CHEF. These shows are about Creativity and Talent. The people on them are creating something and that appeals to me....
I must say I do not understand the appeal of any of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of anywehere. Who cares?? Well, not me...lol!

Sorry your little Froggy got hurt, my dear. I hate when these kinds of things happen, especially to something special that I love.

Get some rest in-between all that work, my dear...In that HEAT....all I can say is, OY!

Jo said...

I love that frog. Somhow missing a limb adds to its charm. :-)

My favorite show is "V", which oddly enough is filmed here in Vancouver. It's science fiction, and it's really amazingly good.

Chancy said...

I am also looking forward to "Dancing" It seems every year I am unimpressed with the "Stars" but sometimes they grow on me. The new female hostess is a dud IMO.

And as for "Idol" It won't be the same without Simon but at least they got rid of Ellen. She was out of her element.