Tuesday, August 10

689 miles

was the total I drove over the past five days. I left Thursday, going to Charleston, WV, to attend a "decade reunion" for my high school, and to visit my dearest old friend.

The trip was uneventful - regarding my car - so I guess that $430 I spent last week was a good thing. Now I have to have two new tires. It's always something, isn't it?

The decade reunion was fairly nice; held in the local Moose lodge, which back in the day was a supper club/night club. It overlooks the Kanawha River, so the scenery is nice. There were about 350-400 people attending. Only 31 or so from my class (1958). It is amazing to me to see the people who graduated in 1950-51-52-53 looking so good!  If you were to see many of them, you wouldn't believe that they were that old. 

Three of my cousins were there; all of whom are older than I and except for these reunions, we would likely never see each other. That's why I was disappointed to hear that this will be the last decade reunion planned by the current committee. They felt that 350-400 was a small turnout, and considering that  the decade reunion held about 4 years ago saw a group of over 700 - it was. But I think that 350+ is a pretty good turnout for people who range in age from 69 to 80! That is especially so when you consider the number who have died - 102 in our class - and undoubtedly more for each of the older classes. I'm hoping that some other group will take on the task of planning the next reunion. They are in addition to the ones we have for our own classes, but I always enjoy seeing some who graduated before and after me.

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