Friday, July 30

Well, here we are in day one of post operative chalazion surgery. Mr. kenju handled it well, considering that he has a dire aversion to all things medical.  Note: the photo is not Mr. kenju, but it approximates how his cyst appeared.

The appointment was originally set for Thursday of last week, but the doctor's office called to change it. (Grrrrr..)We were told to be there at 10:45, and we arrived ten minutes early. They didn't call him until after 11:35. I imagined his blood pressure steadily rising during the waiting period, especially since he was told to stay off some of his medications for one week prior to the surgery, (the meds that could prevent clotting.) If the blood pressure didn't rise, the hunger did - for both of us.

After several needle sticks, he didn't feel a thing. He says now it feels as if there is a grain of sand under the eyelid. I asked if there was a stitch taken, but he said no. I think that "grain of sand" could be a scab forming at the incision site. If it doesn't go away, we will call the doctor about it.

As soon as the doctor was finished, we high-tailed it to Brig's, the best breakfast restaurant around here. After scrambled eggs, sausage, grits, English muffins and cantaloupe - plus excellent decaf coffee - we both felt human again. He continues to recover and as a silver lining, the doctor gave him a sample bottle of the very high-priced antibiotic he put him on two weeks ago. Sometimes it pays to complain about the cost!!


Have you heard about dengue fever?  I think it is worth a pound of prevention! Apparently, some authorities think it could be on the rise. I don't think I want to go anywhere it is possible to catch! It is sort of like I felt about the bot fly, which I researched before my daughter and I went to Costa Rica a few years ago. It gives you pause, when you see the symptoms and the outcome. EW!

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