Friday, June 11

Ephemera and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy....the shoes are fairly new, so the only aroma is of

Yes, you're bringing it - just in a very destructive way!

Remember when it only cost 3 cents to mail a letter? I do.

1928 - stamps were 1 cent. Can't we go back to the good old days?

I'd also like to go back to the days when new fenders cost only $5 and the labor charges were tiny!!


Travelin'Oma said...

I remember 8¢ airmail stamps, and the mail coming twice a day. I love old stamps!

Gilly said...

Ah, the good old days! And the arrival of the postman was an event - he brought REAL mail, not the shoals of junk and catalogues - endless catalogues - that we get now!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Ah, but then we would have to go back to $1.50 an hour pay.
My cat loves my shoes also, and they are not new. Guess that eliminates the new leather smell theory for me.

Granny Annie said...

Every time you display your cat with it's head in your shoes I feel like we are intruding on a private moment when the cat is shooting up heroine or sniffing cocaine. It is obvious you have an addict on your hands.

srp said...

I remember 5 cent stamps and how horrified we were when they went to 7 cents. The post office simply "pennies" us... here and there and it just inches up and up.

Aromatherapy.... hahahahah... too funny. I have been feeling so sorry for Mr. Rhett at losing his sister that I broke down and planted some "kitty grass". Now he can chew to his heart's content and then throw it up as I know he will. But he might stop trying to chew on the plants in the sunroom. (a new bad habit since Scarlett died) I only wish he would stick his head in my shoe. But perhaps his nose is better than mine and he is trying to tell me something by avoiding my shoes.

Olga said...

*Our cat had a shoe fetish as well--the stinkier the better where he was concerned. When we went away for the weekend, we left Mike's sweaty socks and a tee shirt or two on the bedroom floor so the cat would not feel too lonely.
*How about gas at a quarter a gallon?

Pat said...

I'm off cats at the moment. I found a cheeky black with white paws ON MY BIRD TABLE and the birds haven't been near all day.