Sunday, May 2

This is the sight that greets me when I go to get a haircut. I took the photo standing just outside the doorway of my hair salon.

This croton plant is directly opposite the salon door, and it reminds me of the ones I saw growing in Mexico. They are so colorful; it's a party in a plant!

The newer leaves are usually green and yellow, and after they have been on the plant a while, they turn all shades of red and orange. They make wonderful houseplants, and you'll have color all year long.

I worked with Mel today; we delivered and set-up a Persian wedding for people from Iran. Unfortunately, the staff at the reception site was inexperienced, and the banquet manager was quite possibly doing his first event. That would be a good explanation for his confusion. I have never seen a more FUBAR site preparation in my 28+ years in the business. He spent more time correcting the mistakes of his staff because he didn't spell out what he wanted in the first place. It was a classic case of a man being passive-aggressive, and his staff being inexperienced (or perhaps not caring). The wedding was to start at 5pm, and when we arrived there (about 1pm) the ballroom had not been set up for the reception yet; in fact, it was still set up with the tables from the previous night's event.
After we did all we could in advance of the tables being set-up with linen, we waited. They had to send someone out to buy more table mirrors, after it was discovered at the last minute that they didn't have enough. Folks, I submit that should never happen!

Because there were three different types of centerpieces for the 28 tables, we couldn't just leave them for the staff to put in place. So, we had to wait until all the tables were ready and in position before we could complete our set-up. A classic case of hurry-up-and-wait! One thing made it be not so boring, however, and that was watching the family and guests arrive. What a handsome group of people!! The swarthy, well-dressed men and the women, each one more gorgeous than the last. Many of the women had lustrous black hair flowing down their back, and it seemed that each one was determined to outdo the others in dress and jewelry. I know they must have had a contest to see which one could wear the highest heels! Those shoes made my feet hurt just looking at them!

I am exhausted, but I knew you'd be expecting a post today so I dragged myself out of my recliner and stopped here at the computer before going to bed. Photos of today's wedding will come soon, but I make no promises.....LOL


Jay Simser said...

Isn't it amazing how much of a slave we are to our Blogpublic. Rest well.

Gilly said...

That must have been an experience!! Were the women in western clothes, or their own-type dress? Sometimes the traditional stuff comes out for big occasions, I know!

Sounds like a really frustrating morning. I had to look up FUBAR but it obviously fitted!

bobbie said...

I'm not familiar with the croton plant. Beautiful.

I'm feeling very smug about you dragging yourself out of the recliner, since I am sitting in mine, small table swung over my lap with my new computer. Won't feel smug long I'm sure, since its newness is causing me problems, getting used to the keyboard.

Arkansas Patti said...

What a gastly experience. Must have put some nerves on edge.
Thank you for a new word for my vocabulary. I adore "fubar". Hope it gives the same satisfaction.
Can't wait for pics.

Star said...

Looking forward to the photos. I love those plants, although I had no ides what to call them. They do remind me of vacation !

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, that is a hair salon? Looks very relaxing and refreshing to just walk in the aisles!

Grannymar said...

Goodness, what a way to run a business. Was it a newly opened venue? I already feel sorry for the bridal party!

Now the entry way to your hair salon looks wonderful. My hair salon looks out onto a busy street with endless traffic. Not a very pretty site!

Pat said...

Talking of Iran I am just coming to the end of a lovely book 'Rooftops of Tehran' by Mahbod Seraji.
I think you would enjoy it Judy.

Nancy said...

Wow! I just love the new word you have added to my vocabulary.


Oh, yes, I'll be able to use that expression often. Thank you....